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No vacancy!

Don’t allow people or bad thoughts to occupy space in your head rent free!
I own some real estate and I would never allow a tenant to stay rent free. In that same spirit I would never allow negative conversations or gossip to occupy my mind rent free. My mind is the most valuable piece of real estate I own. The ideas that live there have given me the greatest returns. To think I would allow a non-paying relationship or conversation to stay there for free when paying ideas are looking for a room is crazy! 
Let negative people be negative with their negative lives and their negative bank accounts! 
When it comes to negativity...
repeat after me...
No Vacancy!
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Should we tell people not to try?

Think about it...
Growing up there are millions and millions of kids playing sports
 A few make it to middle school 
A couple make it to high school  
Only 480,000 become college athletes. 
Only 2% will go pro 
even less will get paid

Should we tell our kids not to play, not to try?
sounds silly right? 
Why do we do this to our friends who want to start businesses?! 
Should we tell people not to become entrepreneurs, not to try?
sounds silly right? 
NEVER listen to small thinking from small people who gave up on themselves and now believe you can’t do it either.

I'm grateful for time freedom

Mom and I go to lunch EVERY week

Every week without fail she asks "Do you have time to go? I know you're's okay if you can't"
I know she wants to go but is concerned how "busy" I am.

Truth is, there's ALMOST ALWAYS something I could be doing..but I like our lunches and our random discussions.
3 thoughts:

1) It's never about having time, it's about making time.
2) We have to make time for things that matter

Shout out to all the small business owners! #SmallBusinessSaturday #ShopSmall

Shout out to all the small business owners out there making it happen!
I know entrepreneurship is a sexy term right now but running a small business is TRULY one of the hardest things one can do with their life!
You are the backbone of the economy and the fastest growing sector of business growth! Everything big was once small.
Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft ALL started out of a garage!
YOU are superheroes....Not only do you provide a service/product for the community, but you provide an opportunity for those you employ to provide for their families...and on top of that you still have to provide for your own!
Much respect to those who are TRULY in the grind...the best has yet to come!