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Local talent:Noah-O : Rapper/ Entrepreneur

Local rappers come a dime a dozen in Richmond. This dude is just a little different though. He's not doing whatever's hot. He's more interested in making good music and doing good business. Get to know more about this Richmond rap veteran below.... "I Got It" on Itunes now! Meek: Lets get this thing started. You represent Virginia pretty consistently, are you originally from here? Noah O : I was born in San Francisco,CA and raised out there until 6th grade when we moved to Henrico,Co/Richmond,VA. Long story short, I'll always be from there. I go back and have the majority of my family in Cali but I'm from and rep VA 110%. Meek : I can dig that. It's good to see somebody put on for Virginia, Richmond specifically, with so many people having negative things to say about the city. Before we get into the music stuff, lets talk about Noah O…If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be? Noah O: Ambitious,Visionary,Loyal,

Local Talent:Nova Giovanni-Comedy

This is the section of my blog where we will be introducing the readers to some of Virginia's talent.In Virginia, we have to work TWICE as hard for HALF of the credit. This is my attempt at evening shit out...enjoy Get to know Nova below.... MEEK : First things first! Where you from? Where you at? and where do you represent? I don't want to hear you say New York either, you have an accent! NovaGiovanni: HaHa. I represent everywhere. Originally from Virginia. Cumberland, a small town with no stop lights - just big dreams. Raised in Texas. Lived in a few other places, where I lay my hat is my home. MEEK: I can dig that. Lets get to it. Who is this Nova Giovanni guy? How'd you come up with that name? Its a pretty bold move considering there are lots of Giovannis of different sorts out there. NovaGiovanni : Nova has been my nickname for a while. I'm heavy into poetry, my favorite poet is Nikki Giovanni. I was fortunate enough to meet her, she introduced herse