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Local talent:Noah-O : Rapper/ Entrepreneur

Local rappers come a dime a dozen in Richmond. This dude is just a little different though. He's not doing whatever's hot. He's more interested in making good music and doing good business. Get to know more about this Richmond rap veteran below....

"I Got It" on Itunes now!

Meek: Lets get this thing started. You represent Virginia pretty consistently, are you originally from here?

Noah O: I was born in San Francisco,CA and raised out there until 6th grade when we moved to Henrico,Co/Richmond,VA. Long story short, I'll always be from there. I go back and have the majority of my family in Cali but I'm from and rep VA 110%.

Meek: I can dig that. It's good to see somebody put on for Virginia, Richmond specifically, with so many people having negative things to say about the city. Before we get into the music stuff, lets talk about Noah O…If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?

Noah O: Ambitious,Visionary,Loyal, Consistent, and Trendsetter

Meek: All good things. If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?
Noah O:2pac, Outkast, Freddie Gibbs, Big Krit, and Noah-O

Meek:You're listening to yourself eh? To critique? or just enjoying the music?

Noah O: I listen to myself to see what I can improve on and to remind encourage myself. There are alotta people who will ignore you or downplay your achievements so I gotta always encourage myself. Believe in God 1st then yourself. If you won't,no one else will.

Meek: Well said brother. Any loves other then music?

Noah O: Cars, Ghost/Paranormal/Alien stuff, reading, and doing hoodrat stuff with my friends.

Meek: Hoodrat stuff? lol

Noah O: Yeah shout out to Latarian Milton, you need to youtube that

Meek: Ok, I'll look into that. What kind of car do you drive? We don't want to hear you rapping about a Mercedes if you drive a Ford Tempo

Noah O: Lol, Never me at this stage, or any stage! I don't wanna be that dude who people can call out like that. I had a 79 Pontiac Grand Prix, 79 Pontiac Bonneville,87 Olds, 88 Box Caprice, 77 Olds Delta Eighty Eight,and a 92 Bubble Caprice. I've had a lot of old schools. I try not to rap about that type of thing.After being around people with long money you see they have nice things but value people and relationships first.

Meek: As they should. A lot of rappers are fraudulent these days. People even make whole careers off of other folks lives. I won't mention any names....*cough* Bawse!

Noah O: You already know its alotta "fu*kboy" antics goin' on in HipHop. I love this culture too much to let these dudes live.

Meek: True story. Lets get to the music. Are you signed? Are you looking for an independent deal or a major label deal?

Noah O: Currently I'm unsigned.My partners and I formed Charged Up Entertainment LLC. And have different ventures under our umbrella.I am looking for investors, and partners whether it be a record label, or concert promotion company. The industry has changed. It's not about being an artist anymore. If that's what you want that's fine. I love rapping but there are a million ways to make a $.

Meek: Elaborate.

Noah O: Charged Up Ent. encompasses rapping, a recording studio, and also event promotion.

Meek: You said there are a million ways to make money in music, are you in it for the money or the love of the music?

Noah O: Right now its for the love. Honestly, being an independent artist in this region can't sustain my lifestyle and priorities. The goal however is that, to live and eat good off of something that is my passion.

Meek: Understandable. Somebody smart once said "Choose work you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life"....So you said Charged Up Ent. has a recording studio. I'm assuming you record your own music, do you record for others as well?

Noah O: That's a very true statement. I fell in love w/HipHop at like 5. Other kids wanted 2 play sports but this was my sport ever since I can remember. We had our 1st spot in the West End Henrico, the new spot is above Posh in Shockhoe bottom email for specials. I fellback from recording other people to focus more on my career and to get my feet wet in event coordination and marketing.

Meek: You said you've loved hiphop since you were 5. Was there a specific event that made you want to create music? or did it just happen one day?

Noah O: My older cousin was around and living with us since I can remember so HipHop was always in my household. I was fortunate to be raised when people like MC Hammer,Too Short,E-40 were really independent out the trunks,corner stores, and flea markets. I was just drawn to the slang,dress and all that. I was raised in the inner city so this was the music of my upbringing.

Meek: Speaking of Hammer, What do you think about all this him VS Jay Z stuff?

Noah O: I see what Hammer is saying about the symbolism and references that Jay-Z makes. Jigga is also very slick so he threw his jab out there, he's very smart and calculated.
The main thing though is Jay-Z never said he is a Christian so people should not be amazed and these things. When someone says they believe in "God" there god may be a different being then yours.

Meek: Fair enough. Back to the music. Do you write all of your own lyrics? Who does your production?

Noah O: I write my own raps,that's a "no no" to me to not right your own sh*t. I get production from Charged Up Ent. In house producer Fya Marshall $krill, Big Boyz Music in ATL , Miki Kawane , Dj Flava, Big Keith/Beat Renegades and whoever got fire tracks!

Meek: Good deal, vertical integration is a beautiful thing. You said you write your own raps, where do you draw inspiration?

Noah O: From trying to get out of the struggle... From the people around me who can't express themselves and to share our stories... To be able to take peoples pain and put that into song form and my family pushes me.

Meek: That's admirable. Who are some of your influences?Musically and otherwise.

Noah O: Really everyone, but there are a few who standout and I try emulate the best parts of their character. 2pac first, I'm a Gemini like him and was raised on both coasts and specifically the Bay Area of Cali. He was a one of a kind artist and he had hits that were about real things,his mama,keep ya head up. He wasn't with this fantasy bullshit they're trying to sell people nowadays. Nas, for his poetry. I named my mixtapes "TRILLmatic" because of his influence on me. When I first moved to the East, Nas really displayed that East Coast swag the lyricism and fly demeanor. He wasn't grimey, just cool and calm, but knowledgeable. Big Pun & Oukast too, there are others but I could write a whole book. My parents influenced me as well. They were radical in their beliefs and always encourage me to think like a revolutionary, but I also saw their struggles with drugs and other things from that time period of our country.

Meek: Is there somewhere your old and NEW listeners can go to find TRILLmatic?

Noah O: You can google TRILLmatic and TRILLmatic2 is available

Meek: Good stuff. Earlier you said you're venturing into events and such. Do you have any coming up?

Noah O: Next Thursday 11/18 we have "Mixtape Madness" at The Camel 1621 Broad. St in Richmond,VA celebrating the release of six VA artists recently dropped mixtapes.
I throw The Rebirth events monthly with my partner Black Fonzarelli to keep the scene exciting here in VA.

Meek: Sounds like you have your hands in a lot of the Richmond hiphop scene. Lets talk about your new single "I Got it"..

Noah O: "I Got It" is the 1st single from my forthcoming lp"Struggle Music" Its an anthem to let the world know we here and also to launch a whole movement. I had a vision that VA needed that type of track to bring the state together. I got the homies StreetzDeep x J-Nero on there too. I want it to be how "Still tippin" was for Houston, after that songs Mike Jones,Slim thug and Paul Wall were able to bounce off that momentum.

Meek: Good deal, I rock with the song.It's fire! I know you and Charged up Ent will.

Noah O: I just want 2 thank you and all the other independent sites/blogs here are showing me love and helping to keep the movement going. VA got something to say and people are starting to take notice. Also "I got it" on itunes

Meek: much obliged....


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