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Local Talent:Nova Giovanni-Comedy

This is the section of my blog where we will be introducing the readers to some of Virginia's talent.In Virginia, we have to work TWICE as hard for HALF of the credit. This is my attempt at evening shit out...enjoy

Get to know Nova below....

MEEK: First things first! Where you from? Where you at? and where do you represent? I don't want to hear you say New York either, you have an accent!

NovaGiovanni: HaHa. I represent everywhere. Originally from Virginia. Cumberland, a small town with no stop lights - just big dreams. Raised in Texas. Lived in a few other places, where I lay my hat is my home.

MEEK: I can dig that. Lets get to it. Who is this Nova Giovanni guy? How'd you come up with that name? Its a pretty bold move considering there are lots of Giovannis of different sorts out there.

NovaGiovanni: Nova has been my nickname for a while. I'm heavy into poetry, my favorite poet is Nikki Giovanni. I was fortunate enough to meet her, she introduced herself to me first. She said, "Hi, I'm Nikki" and shook my hand. I was thinking, I KNOW who you are. I was so impressed by how humble she is to have achieved so much that I added it to my name. Being humble is a very important quality to me. Yes, there are a lot of Giovannis, but only ONE Nova Giovanni. Black & yellow, black & yellow, black & yellow. I know that had nothing to do with anything, I just felt an urge to say it.

MEEK: Poetry? Really? that sounds like a politically correct answer to impress the fluzies you hope are reading this...

NovaGiovanni: Yes, and that was my intention.

MEEK: My nigga! Do you write any? Some people might need something to get their ladies out of their drawls

NovaGiovanni: HaHaHa. I used to. I haven't written in over a year. Started doing comedy in April, and I've just been focusing on that. I don't want to be a jack of all trades and a master at none. But, if the ladies want to come out of them drawls, thats no problem. Tell them to contact my agent. I don't have an agent, but that sounded cool - right?

MEEK: It did. Somebody get this dude an agent! What type of comedy do you do?

NovaGiovanni: I do stand-up comedy, I can write for others, I thoroughly enjoy doing skits and interludes for musicians' albums and mixtapes, and I'm in the process of learning how to write show and movie scripts now.

MEEK: Good deal. Much respect, I think stand up is one of the hardest forms of entertainment. Speaking of, did you catch the Charlie Murphy clip from Grambling?

NovaGiovanni: I saw one of his stand-ups. I don't think it was from Grambling though. Dude sucks.

MEEK: I think the students there agree with you. Do you think comedic abilities are something someone either has or doesn’t? Or can you learn to be funny?

NovaGiovanni: You already have to have comedic ability, but that isn't enough. There is a formula and style you have to learn when doing stand-up. The trick is to make it look like you have no formula at all. But, if you don't have it - you'll never have it. Charlie Murphy doesn't have IT. IT does not know him.

MEEK: Clearly, the crowd castrated him for it. Moving on. Do you have any mentors to guide you? Or are you figuring this stuff out as you go?

NovaGiovanni: Actually, a guy named Freddie B coached me through a lot before I first did stand-up. He let me know about crowd interaction and what not. Then I got a book called Comic Insights which is like a Bible for anyone wanting to do stand-up. But, I'm still figuring it out as I go. I think that is the best way to learn. Its like sex, but you don't have to hold a conversation after you're finished.

MEEK: Conversation? I normally fall asleep ...maybe thats the communication she's talking about..but I digress...If you could open up for ANY comedian out, Who would it be?

NovaGiovanni: If I could open up for any comedian... PAUSE... it would be Katt Williams. Dave Chappelle is my favorite comedian, but Katt Williams seems more like someone I could be cool with as a person. Plus, I like to feel tall.

MEEK: No Lil Duval? You can probably dunk on him

NovaGiovanni: I've opened for Lil Duval already. He's a funny little guy.

MEEK: Is there anybody in the area that you work with? or would like to work with?

NovaGiovanni: Comedians in the area? Not that I know of. There are a few models I'd like to work with though.

MEEK: The kind that PAY for pictures or GET PAID for pictures? lol

NovaGiovanni: Both. I'm an equal opportunity employer.

MEEK: Good deal.Lets say these models (or anybody else for that matter) want to get at you, how can they contact you?

NovaGiovanni: my email address is & my twitter is or they can send me a smoke signal. Preferably, black & mild smoke.

MEEK: Good stuff, Any last words to your supporters? Advice to aspiring comics?

NovaGiovanni: To the supporters, I'd like to thank you all. To aspiring comics, you better be funny!!!

MEEK: Yea, yall saw what happened to Charlie! Being famous isn't enough! That's all I got on my end brother. Thanks for your time.

NovaGiovanni: Thank you, and I appreciate ya! Visit my Tumblr for all of my crazy thoughts.


  1. Good interview!!! Let me find out you might be on to something.


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