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Progress is a process....

Let me start by saying I UNDERSTAND!  I to, want EVERYTHING..... RIGHT NOW!  The bad thing about being an adult is, you're old enough for your wants not to hurt you.  There's no effective "microwave mindset" about success.  Success isn't something that falls in your lap in most cases. It's something you have to EARN . I know "earning" is a foreign concept these days, but it's still possible. You can't set and forget this success stuff! You've got to work! You had a hard day? So what? Someone didn't like your idea? So what? Got turned down? SO WHAT?   You're just narrowing down what you're good at and the people that "like" you.  If success was easy, everybody would be successful! Progress is a process. Do little things to move towards your goals each day. Baby steps are better than no steps at all! I am Meek and I approve this message!

Local talent:Lela Bizz : Singer/Song writer

In a time of extreme electronic manipulation, great singers are a rare find.Ever been watching someone perform and ALL the hairs on your neck stood up? I have. Lela was singing a Jasmine Sullivan song. She BELONGS on someone's stage. Get to know more about Lela below... Meek: Lets start with something simple. Where you from shawwww? *talks like I have Gold fronts in* LelaBizz: lol Im from Richmond Va ....Southside of the James :) Meek: Another simple one to get your juices flowing, pun intended... Do you have a favorite book? LelaBizz: BOOK??? Who reads?? lol Just kidding! lol I really Love the book for Color Purple...I know kinda corny :/ Meek: Not at all, at least you opened one. Some people say "Wan't to hide information from a nigga, put it in a book"...What do you think is the biggest misconception about Lela Bizz? LelaBizz: lol!! The biggest misconception of Lela Bizz is before people actually get to see me or hear me sing and/or perform, they