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Local talent:Lela Bizz : Singer/Song writer

In a time of extreme electronic manipulation, great singers are a rare find.Ever been watching someone perform and ALL the hairs on your neck stood up? I have. Lela was singing a Jasmine Sullivan song. She BELONGS on someone's stage.

Get to know more about Lela below...

Meek: Lets start with something simple. Where you from shawwww? *talks like I have Gold fronts in*

LelaBizz: lol Im from Richmond Va ....Southside of the James :)

Meek: Another simple one to get your juices flowing, pun intended... Do you have a favorite book?

LelaBizz: BOOK??? Who reads?? lol Just kidding! lol I really Love the book for Color Purple...I know kinda corny :/

Meek: Not at all, at least you opened one. Some people say "Wan't to hide information from a nigga, put it in a book"...What do you think is the biggest misconception about Lela Bizz?

LelaBizz: lol!! The biggest misconception of Lela Bizz is before people actually get to see me or hear me sing and/or perform, they think I am a {insert here} singer. I think I can be here for awhile if granted the opportunity!

Meek: What makes you different from what you call "Insert here" singers?

LelaBizz: I feel that a lot of people forgot what R&B really is. It's Rhythm and Blues....Soul Music...Not "I got a cute hook" or a "hard track." Something when you hear it, you feel it in your soul. I speak from the heart and soul when I write and when I perform.

Meek: MESSAGE!!!!! *air humps* ...Did you say write? If so, how much of your own music do you write?

LelaBizz: lol You are a goof ball! *air humps* I write alllllll my stuff!! I have a partner who is my producer as well Rak aka Mr. Good Evening and we Do it all!!

Meek: You write ALLLLLL your stuff? Who does that? What is your writing process like?

LelaBizz: Yes sir! Normally, I have a glass of wine lol ....maybe some candy, and its on!! lol... but good music is not hard to make and it is not forced...The beat sings to me. The track writes its own song. lol Im amazed sometimes!!! Like wow i wrote that I don't even know what that word means lol. My favorite part is hearing what you had in your head on wax!!! 9 times out of 10 it sounds better than you

Meek: Sounds like its more of a natural thing for you...Speaking of chopped your hair off, Most of the time women do that because something extreme happened and they feel like it’s a new start, what made you want to sport the Mr Clean?

LelaBizz: OMG! you are too much!! lol ... It's funny you say that because my daddy was like "Whats wrong sweetheart...did something happen? Are you hurt? " .....NOOOO.... I thought it would be a good look and people are rocking with it :)

Meek: so you SAYYYYYY! For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words:

LelaBizz: Only 5? lol Its....Fun, Young, Old soul, Hood, Street, Real..... That was easy lol

Meek:Thats definitely 6...give a nigga a rope and she wants to be a cowboy! Now that we've established you write and sing your OWN music, tell us a little bit about your performing ability. Are you a performer? Do you dance in the mirror? all that!?!?!

LelaBizz: I dance in the mirror...rap in the mirror.... I still play in make up in the but I would consider myself a performer I love to entertain.. I love to make people laugh and I love to hear people sing along :) I black out sometimes when I am up there. I've been told I have a potty mouth! But I say I'm not for the kids...and they shouldn't be int eh night clubs anyway lol... I am not tactful, but I'm real and you get that from beginning to end when I perform.

Meek: *still thinking about the strip parties he used to throw* oh yea..Kids in a night club are parent and club owner problems, not yours.If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be? and why?

LelaBizz: Nicki Minaj, because I love her!! I'm not a Barb though .... and Trey songs and Chris Brown and Usher....R Kelly would be hott!! I would love to do a song with him period!!

Meek: Somebody tell R Kelly Lela wants to get peed on!

LelaBizz: LMFAO!! Shut up!

Meek: Nevermind you're too old for him lol...If someone wants to come see you perform, where would they go? Have any gigs lined up?

LelaBizz: I have a performance in CT on Dec 26th. Next Tuesday, December the 13th, I'm doing open mic night at Tropical Soul in Richmond VA. Last night was flames, a lot of great and talented people out there! You can also check me out on I have done so many covers :)

Meek: Hey Hey! no plugs until I say so DAMMIT! .........Now that IIIIII say so.....Where can someone go to find out more about you and/or download your music?

lelabizz:, Facebook its Lela Bizz!/pages/Lela-Bizz/247954955612
and twitter @LelaBizz

I have two mixtapes I dropped one last September and one this September

Industreet Ready Mixtape 9-1-10

Play My Tape Mixtape 9-1-09

LelaBizz: Wow ....that is a lot of plugs!! I'm working on a website tho :)

Meek: You're telling me! You prematurely ejaculated all over my interview!

LelaBizz: lol!

Meek: Lastly, any words of advice for aspiring singers/artists?

LelaBizz: okay here are all the cliches.... Follow your dreams never give up. Stay confident and it will come. Last, but not least, a wise man once said "Dont get mad when people cant see your vision...just paint a more vivid picture."

Meek: good deal, thanks for your time homie!

LelaBizz:Thank You!


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