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Are you a leader or a follower?

Are you a leader? If you're a leader, people follow you for different reasons.  Some may find you inspirational, motivational, funny, or funny looking. They may like the way you handle yourself or situations around you. You never know how you impact folks lives unless they tell you. One thing is common with leaders all around the world, they have followers.  John Maxwell said it best.  “He who thinks he leads , but  has  no followers, is only  taking a walk .”  As you were reading this, you may have tried to figure out if you were a leader or not. If you haven't...I'll ask ARE YOU A LEADER ?!?!?!? If you're a leader, you may exhibit some of these characteristics Leaders: - Don’t sit back and take what comes, they go after what they want -they don't wish, they resolve to get -they stand up for their beliefs -act upon their ideas -They're not if thinkers, they're how thinkers By no means is that all of t

Look Forward, not backward

Lets face facts, we've ALL messed up a time or twelve. It's true.  NO ONE has lived a perfect life.  We've ALL made some questionable decisions and done some dumb stuff. We've all fallen short of the glory. We've all had troubles, problems, and challenges before but.... we've survived them.  We're still here aren't we?  It's part of growing up. The good thing about the past is.... it's behind you. Now that we've gotten through all that.... STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP! It's not doing ANY good.  I promise Thinking negative thoughts about yourself is only bringing negative things to you. It's ok to learn from the past, but there's no need to live there. No need to study the things you did wrong, study the things you did right and do more of them. You'll feel better. See yourself as the best you've ever been! Good things will happen to you once you realize

Are you AFRAID to be great?

We all know that woman who LOVES to cook and entertain, we tell her she should open a restaurant. She normally responds with something to the effect that she's flattered, she's thought about it, but she thinks she'll fail.  We all know the artist who is their own worst critic. Their work is amazing but they can't see it.  We all know the person in Corporate America who has the best business idea, but isn't quite ready to step out on faith.  We see and walk past these people everyday. What's stopping them? We all are born with a specific set of talents and abilities. I believe, no matter your religion, everybody was blessed with certain gifts. Chances are you believe you have certain gifts too. There's something that you're good at that others struggle with. You know that thing that people practice for years and you can make look easy? The thing that sets you apart from most people you know? Maybe there are several thi


Priorities... PRI·OR·I·TY [ prahy- awr -i-tee , - or - ] Show IPA noun, plural -ties for 2–4. 1. the state or quality of being earlier in time , occurrence, etc. 2. the right to precede others in order, rank, privilege , etc.; precedence. 3. the right to take precedence in obtaining certain supplies, services, facilities, etc., especially during a shortage. 4. something given special attention. Do you have yours in order? While this picture is funny, it illustrates a great point. Everyone has priorities, but some people don't put them in sensible order. While everyone's order may not be the same, I think it's important to figure out what's important to YOU . What's more important to you? Your goals or Your favorite TV show? Your kids or club every weekend? Personal growth or Facebook time? (insert your priorit

Why not you?

Why not you? Ever see someone who's where YOU want to be in life? Then try to figure out why you aren't there? You may even try to figure out what makes them different from you. Just me? If it's just me,there's no need for you to keep reading. If you want to know the answer, continue. As you continue to read this, ask yourself the question: WHY NOT YOU!?!?!?!?! Why don't you live the good life?  Why don't you have the nice things?  Sure we all have circumstances and situations that happen that may set us back a bit. The most successful people have overcome many obstacles. Again, Why not you?   The answer is simple, you haven't decided to yet.  Success is just a decision. The people that have the things you want, that you don't have , have just decided to get them. They decided to go after what they want. They decided to have the things they've always wanted. Most importantly, they decided to do the work to get them. So

Misery LOVES company..

"A man's as miserable as he thinks he is." Lucius Annaeus Seneca Ever notice that miserable people want you to be miserable with them?  Ever go somewhere and just hear EVERYBODY complaining about something?  Sometimes I just sit back and laugh at people complaining in unison. It's almost like they're having a complaining competition. They try to come up with better complaints than the next. Someone is complaining about their knee, then someone else will say "That's nothing, my elbow is ____." Some people even fall in the trap and get all riled up about something that doesn't even affect them. Then all of a sudden their pinkie toe starts hurting, sympathy pain I suppose.  Being miserable can be contagious if you let it. If you're not careful, you'll slowly turn into the people you hang around. If you have to remember one thing, remember this: Misery loves company, but it doesn't have to be you...

What are you waiting for?

  What are you waiting for? You know that "thing" you've been saying you'd always do? That task you KNOW you need to do, but haven't yet. The idea you have, but haven't developed yet? Yea that... I know I've been asking lots of questions, but I have one more if you don't mind. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? If there's one thing we ALL know, the time will never be right to take a big step.  There's always some excuse to NOT do something.  We can turn almost anything into a reason not to pursue our dreams and goals. Lots of us have fear; in fact, that may be one of the excuses you'll use. Time waits for no man. Remember, time is a limited commodity you can never get back. Act like it... Live your life like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever"- Gandhi