Why not you?

Why not you?

Ever see someone who's where YOU want to be in life? Then try to figure out why you aren't there? You may even try to figure out what makes them different from you. Just me? If it's just me,there's no need for you to keep reading. If you want to know the answer, continue. As you continue to read this, ask yourself the question:

WHY NOT YOU!?!?!?!?!

Why don't you live the good life? 

Why don't you have the nice things? 

Sure we all have circumstances and situations that happen that may set us back a bit. The most successful people have overcome many obstacles. Again, Why not you? 

The answer is simple, you haven't decided to yet. 

Success is just a decision. The people that have the things you want, that you don't have , have just decided to get them. They decided to go after what they want. They decided to have the things they've always wanted. Most importantly, they decided to do the work to get them.

Someone will be successful, so again I ask you... 


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