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Local talent:JusRe : Artist

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.

You realize this quote HAS to be true after speaking with someone like JusRe. She's truly unique and definitely a piece of work lol Check out why below..

Meek: Hola Mi Amiga! First things first, Where you from? Where ya at?

JusRe: I was born and raised in Richmond, VA & currently reside in Largo, MD, less than a mile from where the Redskins play

Meek: Nobody cares about the Skins tho, we're Eagle's fans round here! Let's let the readers get to know you a little before we get into the heavy stuff. If you had to describe yourself in 6 words, what would they be?

JusRe:(im a Dallas fan...shhhhhh lol) Non-conformist, expressive, loving, innovative, down-to-earth that 6 words?! Lol

Meek: Good enough for government work....Tell me more about this fly art I've been seeing!

JusRe: Well thanks first of all for the compliment! I've always felt the need to express myself artistically and creatively....whether it was verbally, through dance, or the visual arts. To answer your question "when" I'm still learning about my talents. It's and ongoing process that I'm learning about daily. I am still humbled and amazed when someone enjoys a piece I've done or wants to pay for my work!

Meek: People SHOULD pay for that stuff! Do you have a specific style that you specialize in, or do you mix it up? Feel free to include any influences if you like..

JusRe: Well! I use acrylic paint in most of my pieces. Many of my client requests are portraitures of family members, friends, etc., that want to give gifts or honor those close
to them. I also do a number of abstract pieces that allow me to really express my thoughts, feelings and views on life and my experiences with it. Ultimately, I am able to take what the client describes and bring it to life! I'm influenced by the "nouns" around me: people, places, things & ideas :-) I also really dig art by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Meek: Portraitures? nobody told you you could use school words after 5pm! I might need you to capture my sexy one day though! lol Any current or future projects we should know about?

JusRe: Lol, I'm a teacher, so please forgive the vocabulary...and anytime you need your sexy captured, I'll break out my paints and my canvas lol.....but yes, the wheels and gears in my head are always turning so I have fresh new ideas all the time. I'm planning a showcase of my work towards the end of the Summer, so stay tuned for more details...

Meek: Ohhh wow that’s big! Do you see your art being a career for you?

JusRe: Absolutely!!!! It already is in a sense...I teach art at highschool in DC, so I'm able to share with my students what I know about art, life and everything in between...I also learn a great deal from them as well in the process (I love my kids, SHOUTOUT to my HD Woodson fam) also pursuing my masters in mental health counseling...the plan with that is to combine that knowledge with my love for the arts and open a community-based expressive arts therapy center. No matter what I put my hands to, I know that it will involve the arts...and I know I can't fail because God's got my back ;-)

Meek: Right on! Thats good stuff! Until then, if someone wanted to purchase some of your exclusive creations, where would they go?

JusRe: My website is, I have a fan page on Facebook and can be followed on twitter @itsjusre

Meek: *follows you* before we finish up, do you have any advice for other aspiring artists?

JusRe: Recognize that art is a collaboration between God and the artist, the less the artist does, the better. Ignore the nay-sayers, step past your haters, and surround yourself with people who GENUINELY have your best interests at heart. Be prepared for the hardest yet most rewarding journey of your life the moment you have decided to share your gifts with the world! and NEVER forget, an artist CANNOT fail, it is a success to be one!

Meek: Dang Re, I almost want to be an artist now. Thanks for taking the time to share your gifts with us.

JusRe: Thanks for having me!

Check out her portfolio @!


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