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Don't practice bad habits!

"Practice? We talking about practice?"-A.I. Practice is important Allen. Practice is important for us regular folk too. We just have to make sure we're practicing the right things. Straight to it. If our goal is to get BETTER at ______, what sense does it make to practice counterproductive things? There's good practice, and there's bad practice. Are the things you're practicing getting you closer or further to/from your goals? If closer, great. If not, let's get to work. First, control your thoughts. Is your thought process going to get you where you want to be? Or are you constantly thinking negative thoughts? THAT'S counterproductive. Funny thing is, your thoughts can turn into actions. Those negative thoughts that turned into negative actions, if repeated, may then turn into habits. Guess what type of habits they'll be......You've got it! BAD HABITS! ...So now that you know where the bad

Shoot the damn ball!

Shoot the damn ball! I love to shoot basketball for recreation. Yea, your boy can hoop a little ( just a little). I honestly don't care who I play with, or what type of team I'm on (within reason). I just like to play. It's pretty good cardio and there are always some good laughs. As competitive as I am, I don't even care about losing "pick up ball." If there is one thing about "pick up ball" that cooks my grits, it's playing with someone who constantly hesitates shooting the ball! Shoot it! SOOOOO WHATTT if you miss it! If it's a good shot, TAKE IT! If you're open, TAKE IT! I'm never mad at a someone taking a GOOD shot. "Air ball" it! who cares? Just take the shot! and he's back.. What do they do though? They sit there wallowing in their indecision and wait for the defender to come and block, steal, and/or defend their shot. Make a decision and go for it! You're going to make some shots, and you

Nova Giovanni Spotlight : Part Deux

Nova Giovanni Spotlight : Part Deux See part one See what Nova is cooking up below .... MEEK : Whats going on homie? Been almost a year since our last interview. Whats new on your end? NovaGiovanni : Wassup, Meek? Yeah, it has been a while. Just steadily trying to make progress without putting myself into a box. MEEK: Right on. Lots of people live inside the box without getting any lol. Since the last time we’ve spoken, you’ve had some heavy features. I know you don’t like to brag, but enlighten the readers with a couple of em if you don't mind NovaGiovanni : Hahahaha, you're right. Lets see, since the last time we've spoken I've been featured on a lot of radio shows, including The Russ Parr Morning show. Got to work with a few musicians I admire. Was recently on a Lex Luger tape. My articles have really taken over. I've got my foot in the door with Vibe. I'm also working on a few other things I'm looking forward to surprisi