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Nova Giovanni Spotlight : Part Deux

Nova Giovanni Spotlight : Part Deux

See what Nova is cooking up below ....

MEEK: Whats going on homie? Been almost a year since our last interview. Whats new on your end?

NovaGiovanni: Wassup, Meek? Yeah, it has been a while. Just steadily trying to make progress without putting myself into a box.

MEEK: Right on. Lots of people live inside the box without getting any lol. Since the last time we’ve spoken, you’ve had some heavy features. I know you don’t like to brag, but enlighten the readers with a couple of em if you don't mind

NovaGiovanni: Hahahaha, you're right. Lets see, since the last time we've spoken I've been featured on a lot of radio shows, including The Russ Parr Morning show. Got to work with a few musicians I admire. Was recently on a Lex Luger tape. My articles have really taken over. I've got my foot in the door with Vibe. I'm also working on a few other things I'm looking forward to surprising people with soon. It is all a process, just trying to stay patient and enjoy the journey

MEEK: Amen, the joy is in chasing the dream.

As a loyal reader, I’ve noticed your content has shifted a little. Still funny, just a little more serious. Is Nova growing, or was this all a master plan, or a little bit of both?

NovaGiovanni: It is a little of both. I've realized that I'm responsible for everything I put out. I want to capture peoples' attention with humor, then put medicine in the candy. Something everyone can feel instead of idle entertainment.

MEEK: I dig. I think sometimes people forget that when they publish stuff on the internet, it's just that..Published....You went from licking butt cracks to telling ladies to put their clothes on. Anything specific that brought about this change?

NovaGiovanni: I went from one extreme to another because that is how I think. I'm a walking paradox, as we all are. Sometimes we feel one way, sometimes another. It doesn't make us hypocrites, it makes us human.

True story. It seems like you've gotten a little more serious with the messages. Speaking of getting serious, I’ve noticed you’ve just dropped an Ebook “Ramen Noodle Soup for the soul.” Tell us a little about that and where we can get it.

NovaGiovanni: "Ramen Noodle For The Soul" is a collection of some of my most well known works. A best of, like a mixtape - but a book. You can get it on (works on Kindles & ALL mobile devices) for only 99 cents. But, for those who can't afford to pay 99 cents- they can get it for free at

MEEK: I'm a former football player so you'll have to forgive me for being slow. That looks like you're SELLING it on Amazon and GIVING it away on your site. Did i read that correctly?

NovaGiovanni: Yes. Like an honor system. Its worth well over 99 cents. However, if someone doesn't want to pay for it- they can have it for free. In fact, I was giving it away for free days before I sold it. Many of the people who downloaded it for free, went back and purchased it off of Amazon also. I Love everyone and just want to share my thoughts. Buy it, download it for free, or ignore it- that is their choice.

MEEK: Just making sure, I thought I had my contact lenses in the right way. While we're on it. What made you want to write a book in the first place? Most folks your age don’t want to read a book, much less write one. Stereotypes are on backstreet right now

NovaGiovanni: It just came to me one day. I read a lot of books. Maybe, people my age don't read much nowadays because nobody writes anything they can relate to. I'm changing that. In 12 hours "Ramen Noodle Soup For The Soul" had 1,500 unique reads/downloads off of my site alone (not including direct downloads or other sites that featured it). So, there is definitely a market for it. I have another book coming in September also.

MEEK: Great point, tell us about this project dropping in September

NovaGiovanni: It is titled, "The MisEdukation of the Nigga". I'm writing it in the spirit of a 2011 "The MisEducation of the Negro" by Carter G. Woodson. This is going to be a more conscious book, but entertaining and humorous at the same time

MEEK: Right on, something folk can relate too. Good stuff. Is this going to be an Ebook too? or Hard Copy?

NovaGiovanni: So far, it is going to be an Ebook. I may provide a hard copy also (of course that would cost the consumer more). I'm going to offer a free version and a paid version to this book also. Proceeds will go to battle hunger in Somalia. 30,000 children under the age of 5 have died there within the past 90 days. Instead of just getting upset about it, I'd like to help and provide an avenue for others to help also. I understand that some people don't like to give without getting. Therefore, they can give AND get... my book!

MEEK: That's admirable. It's refreshing to see someone do something about it instead of just complain. Hopefully this will take off like the adopting black babies from Africa fad

NovaGiovanni: Hahaha Exactly. Let us make it stylish to do the right thing.

MEEK: Sounds like a plan. Lets change gears. Even though you're still writing books, you're still blogging too. Is writing a book different from blogging to you, or do you just put down what comes out?

NovaGiovanni: It is the same to me, because it isn't in a format like most books. It is usually a collective of different ideas put into one book with smooth transitions, like a few of my favorite books (The 48 Laws of Power, Lifetime Conversation Guide, etc.). I write whatever comes out, whether I decide to share it is the question

MEEK: I overstand. You're still sharing quite a bit.You’re all over the place, you’re writing, speaking, mixtapes, and you’re even doing a little comedy. Whats next for Nova?

NovaGiovanni: Thank you. I've gotten inquiries from a few universities to come speak to their students also. With semesters starting, I look forward to that also. Regular street dude turned philanthropist, I guess.

MEEK: And you'll be blessed for that. Those who give the most, get the most. In closing, Is there anybody in the area that you would like to work with?


I'm always open to work with anyone that wants to work with me. Lets all move forward. I'm just an email away - You can also follow me on Twitter- @NovaGiovanni..& be sure to bookmark

MEEK:That's a great mindset to have. Any words to your supporters?

NovaGiovanni: I'd just like to say... thank you to everyone that supports me now, will support me in the future, and even those who will never support me. I wish peace upon everyone and pray they gain the drive to be who THEY want to be and not who they think they have to be.

MEEK: Cool man, keep up the good work. Proud of you homie. It takes guts to chase your dreams and to actually make a difference. Keep the faith

NovaGiovanni: Thank you, Meek. Great interview, as always. See you next year. Hahaha

MEEK: Yessir. Next year this will be on Camera! lol

NovaGiovanni: Deal !!!!


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