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What are you willing to give up?

What are you willing to give up? Change. What a powerful yet elusive concept. The idea that things could be better keeps us going during the darkest of hours. The thought that things could be different. Our current problems could disappear. The thought that our dreams can be realized. The thought that everything will be, and is, okay. Change. What a powerful yet elusive concept. If we overcome our challenges, change will provide a vehicle to achieve our dreams. Change will let us spend more time doing what we WANT to, rather than spend time on what we HAVE to. Change will yield us being the best us we can be. Our president was elected on the concept of change. Change. What a powerful yet elusive concept. A lot of people TALK about change. Everyday will be a victory. Every week will be better than the last. Every year will be their year from here on out. I genuinely hope they're right. I wish the bes

Get off welfare....

Get off welfare.. First, I'll say I appreciate you stopping by. I know you could be on any of the billion sites there are on this web of world wideness, and I appreciate you coming to mine. Now that you're here, is it all right if I talk to you for a second? Thanks. You may not want to hear what I have to say, but I think it's my duty to make you aware of something... NOBODY OWES YOU SHIT! Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can talk. I hope you understand this isn't an attack on you, it's more like a "wake up call." If you're offended, I'm sorry my friend but you might have identified yourself as someone who suffers from a serious case of welfare mentality . I'm no medical doctor, but I think we all know the signs of this epidemic. The symptoms of this horrific condition include but are not limited to : Wanting everything for free, laziness, lack of ambition, diarrhea of the mouth, rapid blaming, whining, bitching

Defend your dream!

Hello there fellow dreamer.  Glad to meet you, I go by the name of Meek. This isn't going to be some long drawn out letter about how to develop or identify your dream. If anything, I hope this inspires you to put your hands up. I hope this inspires you to beat on your chest. I hope this inspires you to get ready for battle! Battle you say?  Yes, battle!  SOON , and I mean as SOON as you understand your dream, get on guard! People are coming to attack it and you! Some of the people you value the most may turn on you, undesirable things will happen, circumstances may will get bleak, you'll hurt, you'll feel pain, you'll feel discouraged. There will be periods when all of this may come at you at once, but none of these are good enough reasons to give up on your dreams.  Understand this now and get over it.  Regardless of your faith, there are two forces out there. Good and evil. One is good and gives life.  One is bad and comes to steal, kill, a

3 Reasons why Quality > Quantity....

3 Reasons why QUALITY >QUANTITY Don't you just HATE cheap stuff? Oh you do?  Why do you buy it anyway? We've all been victim to this mindset. Economic times are challenging right now, so I definitely understand trying to save a buck. I'm not here to knock that, just here to make you think. Here are 3 reasons you should prefer quality over quantity. If this doesn't make sense to you, cool, continue to chew your toenails on your lunch break.. 1. YOU ENJOY QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES MORE! They cost more for a reason. They work better. In most things, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Yea, you could save a few dollars on the stripped down model, but why not enjoy your item to the fullest? I mean, you DID want it for that purpose or you wouldn't have bought it.... 2.QUALITY LASTS LONGER! Quality products and services last longer! Again, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I can't stress this enough. Let's use the example of a tool. If

If you're going to be thinking...

If you're going to be thinking... "I like thinking big. If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big."  Donald Trump We've all heard the age old adage,"If you're going to do something, do it right the first time."  The whole premise behind this thought process is if you barely complete a task you'll have to redo the job and it'll actually require more resources to complete it correctly. In this case (and most others), it's advantageous to do your best on the first try. In reality, it actually costs you to do "half assed " work.. Makes sense right? With that said, the same reasoning can be applied to thinking.  That's right. Your thoughts.  Only, if you don't think big it costs you more than a little time or resources. It may cost you a life. The life YOU want to live. The life YOU dream about. The life YOU talked about as children. The life

5 points that will help you sell....ANYTHING

5 points that will help you sell....ANYTHING 5 Points that will help you sell....ANYTHING We're all salesmen in one way or another. If you go on a job interview, you're selling yourself. If you're a barber, you're selling a service. If you're in sales, you....well you get it. Sales is one of the highest paid professions whether you like it or not. If you do like it, here are a few pointers that might help. 1) People buy from who they like -People would much rather spend money/do business with who they like. Nobody likes the greasy guy that'll do ANYTHING to get a sale. Establish trust early by being yourself. People smell fake. 2) People don't care what you have to say -Again,People dont care what you have to say. They care how you can be a benefit to them. Shut up and listen to their needs, try to meet them. Thank me later. 3)People don't like pushy -People don't want to be sold, they want to purchase. A wise man on

You'd have more if you were happier..

You'd have more if you were happier.. Scenario: I walk in the gym and see an old acquaintance. The conversation goes a little like this: Me: What up brother? Long time! Him: Yea man! What's up? How you doing? Me: Everything man! Getting better by the day! You? Him: I wish I could feel like that... Me: Why can't you? Him: I work too much doing_____, I don't have enough ___________, I hate ___________ _ The dude regurgitated EVERY negative thing that's in his life right now, or at least it seemed like it. When I hear young brothers and sisters speaking this way it makes my heart hurt. Most don't even realize what's going on... Do you? Do you realize what you speak happens? Do you realize that thoughts become things? Do you realize you attract the things you think about most? You do? Good! Let's go over things for those who don't YET ... Most people say "I'd be happier if I had