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Let's do an exercise.
Let's have a little fun with it...
Let's think outside of the box. Remove all limitations from your thinking for the next few minutes. We spend enough time inside boxes. Let's get out of 'em for the duration of this exercise. If you're uncomfortable, at least try for the sake of this exercise. It'll do you some good.
Let's assume three scenarios for this exercise.
1.Let's imagine you have all the money you'd ever need for ANYTHING you wanted to do.
2.Lets imagine you don't owe anyone ANYTHING! No credit cards, no student loans, no mortgages, no rent,no car payments, and no...well you get it.
3.Lets imagine you're fully rested. You've slept for 2 weeks straight and you can't take another minute of rest.
Remember this is an exercise. Get your creative juices flowing.
Here's the question.
What do you do differently tomorrow?
Imagine your perfect day.better yet, imagine your perfect life.
Where …

The past is..

 The past is..

Good afternoon great people.
We all know one of the worst things one can do to another is hold their past over their head. There's no good that can come from such practices. You hate when people do that don't you?
I thought so.
Though this is a familiar topic, let's look at it from another angle. Most apply this principle to vindicate themselves from past indiscretions. Cool, I totally understand. We've all been there.
Want to know what I've found?
People don't want you to bring up their negative past, but they'll live off of their past success FOREVER if they could!
Follow the logic.
You don't want anyone bringing up old stuff, but you're still talking about the spelling bee you won in the third grade?
What about that makes sense?
You may have been an all star athlete, a model, great businessman, have 382 degrees, or achieved many levels of success.
Great. Proud of you.
What have you done lately though?
Are you winning NOW?
No really, …

Tell your kids...

Tell your kids...

So I got a disturbing phone call..
Here's how the it went..
LT:Man, a guidance counselor told a kid they shouldn't even consider college. Kid had a 2.5. This is coming from a GUIDANCE COUNSELOR!
Meek: What?!?!?! These damn "educators!"
*lots of curse words*
Ok, I'm calm now.
Tell your kids they can be anything they want to be! EVERYDAY!
Reinforce and remind them the only limitations they'll face are the ones they set!
You HAVE to! It's imperative!
You never know what kids have to deal with outside of your home. Make sure the home is where they hear enough positive to hold them until they get home and can receive more.
This is no knock on educators, but believe that they don't all encourage your kids just because they get paid to.
Take your kids encouragement and positive influence in your own hands. Don't leave it to chance, you're a better parent than that.
Let's get to work...

This is it!

This is it..
The time you've been waiting for..
The time where everything comes together...
The time where everything you worked for starts showing up...
The time where everything you've sowed is ready for harvest...
The time where everything you love is around you...
The time that makes every adversity worth it...
The time that you don't remember the naysayers...
The time that makes ever hardship disappear...
The time that was meant for you...
The time you were born to experience...
This is it. NOW is the time...

Positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations

These positive affirmations got my mind racing, Kinda crazy I can get everything that I'm chasing, You mean I can get anything that I'm thinking? I'm gonna get everything that I'm sayin!
You see, We live at the level we speak Our words are seeds
Though we can't grow em, We can certainly sow em, Believe in em, Achieve in em, Believe with em, Achieve with em,
Speak what you want, Not what you have, Remember,your words, they create your path If you want it, just ask....


I heard something that made me completely and utterly sick.
Someone called their selves giving advice and said one of the worst word combinations I've EVER heard. 
It went a little something like this:
"If you don't expect anything, you can't be let down"
What kind of sense does that make?
Be careful who you take advice from. 
It doesn't make sense to take advice from people who aren't where you want to be, but that's a whole blog by itself.
Back to the guts.
If you don't expect anything, you can't get let down?
Fact of the matter is, if you don't expect anything, you won't get anything!
If you don't have clear expectations of life, people, and or situations, they will treat you ANY way THEY want!
Would you rather control how you're treated? Or leave it up to life, people, and circumstance?
Thought so.
Expect the best!
Expect GOOD things to happen to you! Expect people to treat you well! Expect to win!
Most b…

You're you...

"You're born an original, don't die a copy" - J. Mason

You're you!
You're the greatest miracle ever conceived. 
You're one of God's best creations.
Not to get "too holy" on you, but you God made you the way you are ON PURPOSE!
With that said, why would you disrespect yourself and your creator by trying to be someone else? 
Why degrade what you are to be something you're not?
You're fine the way YOU are. Be that
Meek out...

You decide...

Life is all about decisions.
You do know that, right?
Your present life was created by your past decisions.

Whether you like it or not, your future will be created by the decisions that you make today.
You live at the level which you think and speak.

What will you decide to think and speak today? Think and speak carefully, it's building your tomorrow, RIGHT NOW!
I know it's easier said than done, do it anyway. This is man's struggle in the war of the mind.

Decide to win each battle and then you'll win the war!
It's been said that " life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it"

How will you decide to react?
Will you decide to be better than you were yesterday?

Or stay the same?
Will you decide to nurse your potential into your dreams?

Or keep nursing others' dreams?
What will you decide?


Ever feel like nobody believes in you?

Ever feel like no one sees your vision?

Ever feel like everyone who matters turned their back on you?

Ever feel like you're all by yourself on your quest for greatness?

I understand. We've all been there. Can I help you? Great, understand most people don't want you to have more than they have. They want you to win long as the scoreboard doesn't tip in your favor.

Here's the good thing about this scenario.


Keep working. Remember, all hard work brings a profit..

All of the naysayers, doubters, instigators, bootleg comedians, and miscreants will be singing your praises when you reach your destination..

They'll say "I knew you could do it"

Just make sure you stick around to see it. Keep chasing your dreams.

You can do it. Believe.

I am Meek and I approve this message!

Small Successes

Small Successes 

If you know me, I mean REALLY know me, you know I'm an overachiever.

I want to win, flat out.. plain and simple.

While this trait can be a blessing it can also be a curse to your psyche.
Things NEVER happen fast enough for an overachiever.

An overachiever wants to be the best at EVERYTHING right now! Thing is, success doesn't work like that. You've got to fail your way to your destination.
We all know and have heard that, but we still don't understand it. Let's take it one step further.
What you talking about Meek?
Follow the thought process...
What stops the average person from attaining their goal?
-Some don't have a goal -Some are too lazy to go after their goals ( if they have one) -Some are just scared -or their priorities are jacked up
So if you've failed a little bit, cheer yourself on. You took the a major step towards success! You worked!

 Yes, you may not have gotten the results that you wanted. You may be a l…