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Ever feel like nobody believes in you?

Ever feel like no one sees your vision?

Ever feel like everyone who matters turned their back on you?

Ever feel like you're all by yourself on your quest for greatness?

I understand. We've all been there. Can I help you? Great, understand most people don't want you to have more than they have. They want you to win long as the scoreboard doesn't tip in your favor.

Here's the good thing about this scenario.


Keep working. Remember, all hard work brings a profit..

All of the naysayers, doubters, instigators, bootleg comedians, and miscreants will be singing your praises when you reach your destination..

They'll say "I knew you could do it"

Just make sure you stick around to see it. Keep chasing your dreams.

You can do it. Believe.

I am Meek and I approve this message!


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Ask yourself.
Are your best days in the past  or are they yet to come?
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