Tell your kids...

Tell your kids...

So I got a disturbing phone call..

Here's how the it went..

LT:Man, a guidance counselor told a kid they shouldn't even consider college. Kid had a 2.5. This is coming from a GUIDANCE COUNSELOR!

Meek: What?!?!?! These damn "educators!"

*lots of curse words*

Ok, I'm calm now.

Tell your kids they can be anything they want to be! EVERYDAY!

Reinforce and remind them the only limitations they'll face are the ones they set!

You HAVE to! It's imperative!

You never know what kids have to deal with outside of your home. Make sure the home is where they hear enough positive to hold them until they get home and can receive more.

This is no knock on educators, but believe that they don't all encourage your kids just because they get paid to.

Take your kids encouragement and positive influence in your own hands. Don't leave it to chance, you're a better parent than that.

Let's get to work...

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