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Success is..

A friend of mine posted this and I thought it could add value. Enjoy.

What does support mean to you?

How many of you achieved your current level of success, whatever it may be, partly or largely because someone believed in you when you didn't believe in yourself?

I thought so.

Support can do wonders.

We all search for support in our daily lives, whether we like to admit it or not.
We want support in our endeavors, support in our relationships, and even support in our decisions.

In my opinion, support means to stand by someone in their time of need. Make no mistake about it, everyone needs some support from time to time.

John Maxwell says:

"One is too small a number to achieve greatness"

That person you know that's trying to move mountains..

The one that's on the "path to greatness"

Yea, him(or her)

They need some support.

REAL support.

Most will say they will support you....until the time comes...

But not you.

You'll do the right thing..

If you're down for the cause and it's positive, go for it. Be the change that you want to see. Be a…

There are 2 great days in a person's life...

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To you who feel like victims...

Make no mistake about it..

Make no mistake about it..
We're at war.. This isn't a drill.. This isn't practice.. Its game time.
Make no mistake about it..
We're at war.. We're at war for our friends.. We're at war for our families.. We're at war for our country.. We're at war for our world as we know it.. We're at war for our futures.. We're at war for our lives.. We're in the war of our lives..
Make no mistake about it... We are certainly at war..
Make no mistake about it.. We're going to win..
The question is,
Will you fight?

Gentlemen, you are...

Be thankful...