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Church: A Sinner's review..

Church: A Sinner's review..

I didn't grow up in the church...

Some people go to church twice a year, Easter and Christmas.

I didn't do that either...

Thank God I had a praying grandmother.

My mother didn't make me go to church as a child. Sunday was her only day off and she tried to spend that time with me, as we didn't see each other as much as we'd like. Now she goes to church 748849 times a week trying to make up for all those Sundays. She couldn't be happier. I couldn't be happier for her..

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not blaming anyone here. I say all this to say, I'm not perfect. I'm not the type of dude to think I'm better than you. I'm just trying to get better than me. I listen to rap music. I'm not the churchy brother who can recite all the scriptures. I don't speak in tongues. I don't know all the cool ways and phrases to pray. I've sinned, and probably will again. I'm not into neck ties. I haven't tithed constantly since i was 2. I don't pass out pamphlets or beat up people with the bible.

Matter of fact, I only have 3 statements about God that I lived and live by.

1.There is a God.
2. I am not him.
3. He's not out to get me.

I've always had beliefs, but a church dude? Not so much, BUT I went anyway..

When I came to church, I was expecting perfect people and a more perfect church. After all, being righteous is being flawless right?

I can understand why you'd feel that way. I used to think the same thing. I've found that church isn't about being perfect, It's about getting better. After learning more, I realize that like I'm not perfect, church isnt perfect. It just isn't, and it never will be. Church people arent angels, they're just imperfect people trying their best to serve a perfect God. They're just normal people with normal issues giving thanks to where their power comes from. It's not about going to church to hear people talk about each other, it's about contributing to the body that's growing the kingdom. It's not about what "Church gang" is best according to the Super Christians, its about love. It's not about being too holy to have fun, its about having fun while God's plan for you unfolds. I've found the vast majority of people are just regular people trying to better themselves and their relationship with our creator. That's it. Period.

Church isn't about being the saintiest saint (yes, i made that up) or about where you went the night before, it's about worship. It's about giving thanks. It's about accomplishing God's work. It's not about what he said, she said, or what the pastor drives. It's about being the best you, you can be, to glorify our God. As with anything, you can complicate anything to death, but I won't. Church is about love. Gods love.I think finding the church for me was one of best decisions I've EVER made. If you're looking, find a church home where you can grow. Find a bible you can read. You don't need to have the one with all the "thee's and thous." Download one on your smartphone if you like. Don't worry about trying to impress people that don't matter and don't worry about what you think other people will think. They're there for their own growth, if not, they don't matter anyway. Get yours.

God Bless. Hope this helps.

Meek out..


  1. Great post. I agree :)
    I am someone who grew up in church and been in church all my life. But church is not only about going on a regular basis, everyday, or twice a year. Its about your personal relationship with God and serving Him. Have you accepted Him, ALL of Him, into your life? Reading your Bible, praying, fasting, seeking God, doing what is right and living according to His word. Church is a place you go to get a better understanding of who God is and what He can be in your life. Its a place of fellowship with other believers, who are also trying to do their best everyday to get closer to God and be more Christ like. Yes there are some church people who think that they are better and holier than thou, but guess what, they have to repent just like the rest of us. The only one that is perfect is God himself and cant nobody outdo Him. Also, the difference between a saved person and a sinner is that when you are saved, you have this supernatural being looking out for you. If you sin or feel convicted, you can get down on your knees and pray and ask God for forgivness and He will give you the strength to turn from your wicked ways. When you are a sinner, you just keep on doing the same thing, no conviction, you dont have a realationship with God. But once you surrender to Him with your whole heart, your life becomes His and you are a new creature in Christ, and He will direct your paths so that you can be on the path to righteousness.


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