CCMG empowers women by..Featuring @Gaptoothdiva

CCMG empowers women by..Featuring @Gaptoothdiva

As you probably know, Creative Consulting & Marketing Group's mission is to empower entrepreneurs around the world. We have a goal of helping anybody who wants to be helped. With that said, one of our most successful projects is teaching women how to use their talents and become certified skin care analysts. Women are starting more businesses now than ever. We're so glad to be able to connect with coaches that can help them bring out their passions through a beauty business of their own.

Recently, the awesome @Gaptoothdive had a chance to experience the "Creative beauty experience" with one of our amazing coaches, former Miss VUU, Janiel Youngblood. Check out the her review of her experience with the Creative team HERE 

Shout out to @GapToothDiva and! 

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