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Broke friends...

Broke friends Greetings good people. I just heard an interesting story, and I'd like to share it with you. Let's set the scene first  In the early 90's, McDonald's had a series of commercials featuring a guy named Calvin. According to the commercials, Calvin was a kid who changed his life for the better by getting a job at Mickey D's. As you can see in the example above, he's stepping into leadership and everything is going well. He's putting on for Mack's Lounge.These were even popular enough for comedian Dave Chappelle to make several parodies of them.. Get it? Got it? Good!  Fast forward to this morning...  Someone was telling me about a friend who got a job at.....McDonalds. His name wasn't Calvin, but he flipped a few burgers nonetheless. Let's call him Joe. Joe starts working as well as a young lad could. Joe also had a brother, and a step father who was in upper management there with hopes of ownership. L