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Entrepreneur files: @SimplyTricie of @Pattipops

Entrepreneur files: Patrice of @Pattipops

It seems like everyone and their mother is in on the dessert market now. Recently, I met and young entrepreneur, with a big dream, who has a little different take on the industry. Get to know her and her business below! 

Meek: August 1st is a big day for you, you've got a lot going on. Tell me about it.

Patrice: YES! Our website,, is launching, and we're throwing a party! you should come!

Meek: I should?!?! But, what the hell is a patti pop?
Patrice: A Patti Pop is bite size cake on a stick.
Meek: I see. Why would I want to eat a bite sized piece of cake? I'm a growing boy, I need a whole piece!
Patrice: You can always have more than one. Plus, with the different flavors, you can enjoy more without the guilt.
Meek: Well played ma'am. How many flavors do Patti Pops come in?
Patrice: 15 flavors, but we're in the process of making changes to our options.
Meek: That's pretty good! I like variety! What changes are on …

Always sowing

Always sowing

I believe people crazy enough to think they can change the world can do exactly that. 
With that said, I'm crazy.
The principles described in this blog are powerful enough to change the world, if folk will read, share, and apply it.  

In Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay, "Compensation," he wrote that everyone is compensated in like manner for that which he or she has contributed. Simply put, you reap what you sow. One will ALWAYS get what they give. There are NO exceptions. Whether people know it or not, you're always giving or sowing SOMETHING. Whether it's a kind word, a positive or negative thought, or a hand up… we’ll all be compensated. Thing is, we're all subject to nature laws whether we understand them or not. Unfortunately, this isn't a subject that is taught to the masses. 
This is where you and I come in.
Together, we can make a change. We can talk and think in a way that we’d like to receive. If everyone only gave what they wanted to…

Curse of..

Curse of Knowledge

This weekend, I heard one of the most profound things I've heard in a while. I'd like to share it with you. I believe it'll add value to your life.

The issue we speak of affects more people than you know, may or may not exhibit symptoms, and isn't easily remedied. This awful condition affects teachers, students, politicians, business leaders, and maybe even your favorite pastor.

I hope not, but it's all too common.

Back to this weekend. While I had a chance to listen to many of my favorite speakers, one stands out in particular. Of all the things he said, one thing stands out. He talked about a curse of sorts. I've often seen people subject themselves to this curse, and honestly, I've been victim to this disgusting ailment myself. As I'm not perfect, I'm not afraid to tell you that. I believe honestly, at some time or another, we'll all suffer with it. The best thing we can do is shorten our duration with it. That is the purp…

Entrepreneur files: @2sapphireblu of @TailoredRebels

Entrepreneur files: Toni of @TailoredRebels

As you probably know, if you read this blog with any kind of consistency, I STRONGLY believe people should pursue their passions instead of a dollar. I also believe business is finding a need and filling that need. This is exactly what Toni, or @2sapphireblu of @TailoredRebels , has done. Get to know Toni & Tailored Rebels below..

Meek:  Right to it. Word on the street is you've got a big event coming up this weekend. Tell me about it.

Toni: We launched March 2 by way of e-commerce. Our official launch party will be held July 14. We were approached by a group of well known promoters to host an event to get our brand out there!

Meek: E-commerce? Sounds like a smart way to go. The trend is definitely growing. What made you choose having an online store over a brick and mortar outfit?
Toni: We opted to do e-commerce initially to see how many folks would actually 'bite' as there are so many other t-shirt lines. We decided to stick wi…