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Entrepreneur files: @2sapphireblu of @TailoredRebels

Entrepreneur files: Toni of @TailoredRebels

As you probably know, if you read this blog with any kind of consistency, I STRONGLY believe people should pursue their passions instead of a dollar. I also believe business is finding a need and filling that need. This is exactly what Toni, or @2sapphireblu of @TailoredRebels , has done. Get to know Toni & Tailored Rebels below..

Launch Party!
7/14 2pm-8pm! Beacon Hotel Rooftop! 

Meek:  Right to it. Word on the street is you've got a big event coming up this weekend. Tell me about it.

Toni: We launched March 2 by way of e-commerce. Our official launch party will be held July 14. We were approached by a group of well known promoters to host an event to get our brand out there!

Meek: E-commerce? Sounds like a smart way to go. The trend is definitely growing. What made you choose having an online store over a brick and mortar outfit?

Toni: We opted to do e-commerce initially to see how many folks would actually 'bite' as there are so many other t-shirt lines. We decided to stick with it as we have gotten a great response plus we have sole control over marketing, placement, and promotions.

Meek: Testing the market before you jump in. Smart move. Your model
  probably helps keep overhead down as well. You had the response because the shirts are dope! What made you want to get into t-shirts & what does tailored rebels stand for?

Toni: Definitely keeps overhead down which allows us to invest more into our brand! I was more into styling but that was getting old and my, now business partner, was doing graphic designs. We decided to do a joint venture since we seemed to work well together on our separate ventures.  We both LOVE t-shirts, yet most shirts lack creativity... and the quality is usually poor. Making our own allows us to be more competitive and free with our designs.

Tailored Rebels stands for those who are comfortable in their own skin. Those who are creative, original and not afraid to think/step outside of the box. Someone who's a true rebel in their train of thought and existence. Instead of being a trend follower, they're more of a trend setter.

Meek: That makes sense. Get paid for what you like to do. 
I understand you're working full time while building your business in the spare time. One of my favorite authors, Robert Kiyosaki, says that's the best way to build wealth. What's been your biggest challenge and how did you or are you overcoming it? What has been difficult? Anything surprise you and go smoothly?

Toni: I am. The biggest challenge would be working full time, running a business full time and ensuring our personal lives aren't neglected. It's all about time management. We did a lot of planning prior to launch, but you can't prepare for everything that may come your way. Thankfully, we've gotten into a groove of
running a business and we've found a way to balance the three.

I think the hardest part is actually the planning/start up phase; finding a printer who is capable of meeting our needs, price points, packaging for the tshirts and the different designs. I would say those things probably took the longest of the different steps to launch.

 The easiest part is having a partner who supports and believes in your vision. We both laugh and agree that there's no one else we'd want to work with lol.

Meek: That's awesome. Any advice you'd give to someone starting a new business? Online t-shirts or otherwise?
Toni: Take your time. Brainstorm and research as much as possible. Don't take shortcuts as it will end up costing more in the long run. Whatever business you embark upon have a vision. If you're going to invest the time and money, make sure it's something you truly believe in/feel passionate about. I can guarantee it won't be a cake walk, however seeing your dreams becoming a reality is absolutely priceless. Always remain focused and understand that some days will be easier than others, but keep moving forward.
You will have people who will tell you that you can't do it or try to convince you the reasons you shouldn't. Ignore them!

Meek: Couldn't have said it better myself! What's up with a CCMG & Tailored rebels collab tee? Lol

Toni: We can talk about it lol

Meek: Where can the readers get more info on Tailored Rebels? 

Toni: Our website is, we're @TailoredRebels on twitter, and feel free to like our Facebook page! 

Toni of @TailoredRebels in her "Make History Not War" shirt

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Fresh dope! 


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