Entrepreneur files: @SimplyTricie of @Pattipops

Entrepreneur files: Patrice of @Pattipops

It seems like everyone and their mother is in on the dessert market now. Recently, I met and young entrepreneur, with a big dream, who has a little different take on the industry. Get to know her and her business below! 

Wednesday August 1st* 5-8pm* There will be some FREE PattiPops (While supplies last)

Meek: August 1st is a big day for you, you've got a lot going on. Tell me about it.

Patrice: YES! Our website, PattiPops.com, is launching, and we're throwing a party! you should come!

Meek: I should?!?! But, what the hell is a patti pop?

Patrice: A Patti Pop is bite size cake on a stick.

Meek: I see. Why would I want to eat a bite sized piece of cake? I'm a growing boy, I need a whole piece!

Patrice: You can always have more than one. Plus, with the different flavors, you can enjoy more without the guilt.

Meek: Well played ma'am. How many flavors do Patti Pops come in?

Patrice: 15 flavors, but we're in the process of making changes to our options.

Meek: That's pretty good! I like variety! What changes are on the way?

Patrice: There will be new flavors and we will saying good bye to a few others. Also, we will be featuring a new product. But that's a surprise you will have to wait and see.

Meek: Ahh I see. A little substitution. What made you want to get in the cake pop business? And is this something you're doing full time or outside of a "9-5?"

Patrice: I started almost a year ago making cake pops for family and friends and they were a big hit! With a little encouragement, I decided to start selling them under the name Patti Pops.

I work full time as a counselor. However, it has become a goal to make Patti Pops a household name and make this my main source of income.

Meek: I see. Make the plan B the plan A! Much respect.

Lets switch gears.

How do you go about marketing your business? How are you building your customer base?

Patrice: Word of mouth has been my biggest tool. Customers have referred me to their family and friends on numerous occasions. I've made Patti Pops for parties and showers and that resulted in customers that admired my work. I'm also using social media as a way to promote Patti Pops.

Meek: It's been said that social media is the new word of mouth. Are there any particular social networks you use the most? Give me some screen names.

Patrice: I use Twitter( @PattiPops), Facebook (Patti Pops), and Tumblr (pattipops.tumblr.com).

Meek: Like and follow those pages! What about a website? How does a morbidly obese man order your creative delectables?

Patrice: The website is Pattipops.com, launching August 1st! There you can find all the flavors we have to offer!

Meek: We heard you! *Laughs* Have you had any challenges starting & running your business? What was the biggest one? How did you overcome it?

Patrice: Honestly, not really. Just the initial fear of failing. Luckily, I have a great support system. Their words of encouragement gave me the push I needed to launch Patti Pops.

Meek: That's awesome. What has been your most satisfying moment in business thus far?

Patrice: Having happy customers. I have a lot of repeat buyers, so it's a great feeling to know I did a good job. I believe that customer service and providing a product of high quality are the things that will make or break a company.

Meek: Absolutely, take care of the customer and the customer will take care of you. As we wrap up, what's your definition of success for Patti Pops? Where do you see it in the next 5-10 years?

Patrice: Success would be having a Patti Pops bakery on every corner! I feel that Patti Pops is already a success! I've been on track to achieving the goals I have set with Patti Pops. I like taking "baby steps" to ensure all details are worked out properly to ensure everyone is satisfied.

In 5-10 years, I plan to have a bakery in which customers can come in and enjoy Patti Pops and other treats I plan on having. I have a vision in mind for when it happens and I'm sure it will be a crowd pleaser. So stay tuned for that.

Meek: Secrecy eh? Ok... ok. Glad you have a vision, visions have a way of materializing if you follow through enough. One more for the road. Give me 3 tips for up and coming entrepreneurs?

Patrice: Have faith and believe in yourself. Don't be your biggest obstacle. If you start to think negative you will draw negative energy to yourself.

Research. Know what you're getting into. Look at those that are doing things similar to you and learn from them. Look at their strengths and weaknesses. Develop a way to stand out and provide something they don't offer. Look at other successful business people and gain knowledge from them.

Pay attention to details. I feel this applies to everything. From the costs associated with running your business to how you present your product/service. It pays off in the long run.

Meek: Great advice Patrice. Thank you for your advice, perspective, and story. Success and nothing less!

Check her out at PattiPops.com & launch Party at Infusions on August 1st! 

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