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The best compliment I've ever received..

The best compliment I've ever received.. It's funny.. Things always have a way of working out, and God always sends signs when you need them.. Not that you should ask for them. Don't worry if you do, I've done that before too. I just learned why I shouldn't the other day, but that's a blog all by itself Moving on.. We all know God uses people, I think he used someone to send me a message the other day. I wrote a blog about it, wanna read it? Here it goes... Someone text me "Out of the blue" ( whatever that means) and said  "You're a very special person"  If you know me, you know I ask lots of questions about EVERYTHING. I like for communication to be clear, and I want to be on the same page with you if we're conversing. This occasion was no different. I ask why said person thought this way. She says "the way you live." I'm confused at this point. At the time, I was overco