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How to fail properly..

How to fail properly Failure isn't always a bad thing, get that out of your mind right now. This blog is going to tell you how to accomplish this the right way.  1. Fail fast & cheap The fast here doesn't mean rush through your work. It means get to work! Hop in action mode! Start, research, and test your idea properly before you jump in with both feet investing wise. Remember money spent is taking away from the bottom line.  2. Fail Fast & often Now that you know how to fail fast, let's talk about often. Once you fail a bit, don't sit around and pout! Move on to your next venture, project, or idea. Go on to your next failure. Remember, the faster you get through, the faster you get to your goals!  3. Keep Failing until you win We've all heard the expression "Fail your way to success." While this isn't the main idea behind this piece, it IS an important part. Keep on keeping on. Even when Edison was worki