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My  old football coach would say "Excuses are like assholes, they all stink and everybody has one." I loathe excuses.  I hate everything about them.  I'm not sure if it's because of my upbringing, or because of the weakness of the concept, but at any rate...they disgust me and should disgust you as well.  Robert Kiyosaki says "If you want to be rich don't give yourself the luxury of excuses."  I'd like to rephrase and remix. You can make money or excuses, but you can't do both. This is applicable to more than just income. If you want to really accomplish anything in life, don't give yourself the luxury of excuses.  In  order to succeed, you must stop allowing your excuses and stories to be bigger than your goals and dreams. Stop waiting to build your dreams. They are inside of you, crying to get out!  Take action!  Timing will never truly be right to make your move.  If you look hard enough for an excuse, you

“Meek, What do you think is the biggest reason people fail?”

I've often been asked, “Meek, What do you think is the biggest reason people fail?”  I can easily answer this question with one word…inaction.  It doesn't matter if it's caused by fear, laziness, circumstance, or any other excuse people can come up with. Inaction is inaction and inaction will not get the job done!  If you're serious about your goals you'll take action. So many people want the prize but don't want to pay the price!  Can I tell you a secret friend? It won't work.  Dreams don't work unless you do! And to the believers, I'm all for standing on God's word & promises, however God will show up when we do our part. The key is, we have to do our part! The book we read says faith without works is dead. Rather than sitting around waiting on God to bless us, we must work and give God something to bless!   He blesses the work of our hands, are you giving him something to bless? Indeed, God is still in the ble

We ALL sell!

Hiring, everybody's favorite activity.  I hope you can detect that sarcasm.  We're in the middle of an interview and my prospect says one of the things I hate to hear the most. "I can't sell."  Mind you, this is a front office position. My immediate thought is to scream "Get the fuck out!" but I maintain my composure and shut down mentally for the duration of our conversation. There were so many problems with that short sentence. In a small business, everyone sells. Matter of fact, in every business.... everyone sells! Hearing someone utter that self defeating phrase pisses me off to no end.  It's almost like listening to fingernails scratching a chalk board! When I hear someone say something like this, it tells me three main things. 1) Your self image sucks. 2) You're too lazy to learn a skill set 3) You you don't know what you really do. Every job you've ever had in your life required your to learn or possess a certai


I know.  We all are trying to better ourselves in life and secure our futures.  I'm with you.  I definitely believe in planning and building your future, but we must not neglect enjoying the moment we're in.  The greatest teacher we've had said "  do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Tomorrow can wait If your mind is always jumping ahead to what might be next, you miss the opportunity to fully live what is now. Be patient, be thankful, and let life come at its own pace. I too struggle with this, but with practice I get a little better each day and so will you.   Tomorrow can wait while you make TODAY great. Live each moment with deliberate, peaceful purpose. In your eagerness to get ahead don't leave the opportunity of this moment behind.  You're never too busy to t ake a deep breath and enjoy the moment you're already in. None of us know h

The path less traveled

I remember, sitting there. Worn out from 21 credit hours per semester and building my business after school. I hated school and loved business. I was in the school of business, and only two of my teachers actually had businesses. There's something about being constantly lectured to about things I'm not interested in that doesn't sit well with me. I'm not a quitter so I had to finish...but I had to finish fast! I tried to get out in 3 years, but they wouldn't let me take this BS Strategic management class in summer school.  So I had to do one more semester with one class, another reason I LOVED school so much. (I hope you can detect that sarcasm). Alas, I finally escaped the madness..... but what was I to do now?  Everyone I knew encouraged me to go back to school, but I was done with that.  After college I wanted to find my own way to freedom because school just wasn't for me anymore. I hated being a student and I have n

Think you're pretty tough?

Think you're pretty tough?  Try starting and running your own business.... AND actually living off of the proceeds. Then, make it past two years. After that, three, then ten....  We'll see how tough you are then.  Imagine doing what you do for a living now, for yourself, with your own money. Facts are facts. Most won't make it their first year, they'll run back home to mommy or a cubicle. Whichever comes first.          Don't read me wrong, this won't be a bashing blog.  I'm not talking down to anyone, I'm talking up the real deal soldiers. Soldiers you say Meek? Yes SOLDIERS , because business is a fight! The fight of your life!  Business owners build their dreams and provide opportunity to others. Keep in mind, all of this is in addition to overcoming the same struggles everyone else has also, tis life.   Business owners tend to wear many hats, this week our hats are off to you. The economy tries to crush you and

Best Advice I Got From My Mom

I want to start this by saying my mother is an amazing example of work ethic and love. The cool thing about her is she always led by example and not just with words. Growing up, I saw my mother work sun up to sundown FOR YEARS just to provide for me! She started as a food prep person at a local fast food restaurant with every excuse to be average. Language barriers, racism & classicism, prejudice and unwarranted hatred were a daily thing for her. Short story shorter, with a lot of prayer and work, she ended up topping out her position's pay scale and turning down the next position in the corporate ladder! My mother always worked very hard. As a kid, often, she would be gone when I woke up and fast asleep when I got home. I didn't understand this was for me when I was younger, but I certainly do now.  It's funny, a lot of people tell me they admire my "grind." Honestly, I don't think I'm doing anything spectacular.  I just made a decision to work

Everything is possible

Kevin Hart is one of my favorite comedians in the game right now.  Say what you want, but I think he's hilarious and this is my blog so save your opinions and understand the point. Rewind a few years back... Crazy, I remember sitting in the front row of the Richmond Funny Bone seeing this guy perform for the first time.  Honestly, I didn't know who he was. I went because I was blessed with some free tickets.  I really enjoyed the show and thought he was pretty funny considering all the empty seats. The capacity of that venue is 250. This will be important in a second. Fast forward a few years...... I watched this same guy bring out around 12,000 people to ONE of his shows! He LITERALLY filled up the Richmond Coliseum! Now you can't even turn on the television without seeing an advertisement for one of his movies or him doing a commercial for a product or 12! Everyone see's his success, but do you think everyone remembers his story? Though they s