The path less traveled

I remember, sitting there. Worn out from 21 credit hours per semester and building my business after school.

I hated school and loved business. I was in the school of business, and only two of my teachers actually had businesses. There's something about being constantly lectured to about things I'm not interested in that doesn't sit well with me. I'm not a quitter so I had to finish...but I had to finish fast!

I tried to get out in 3 years, but they wouldn't let me take this BS Strategic management class in summer school.  So I had to do one more semester with one class, another reason I LOVED school so much. (I hope you can detect that sarcasm).

Alas, I finally escaped the madness..... but what was I to do now? 

Everyone I knew encouraged me to go back to school, but I was done with that. 

After college I wanted to find my own way to freedom because school just wasn't for me anymore.

I hated being a student and I have no shame in admitting it. I wanted to do my own thing.

I always knew I wanted to make BIG money but it couldn't be the conventional corporate ladder because I was already tired of people telling me what to do.  Though I wanted to make some money, I wanted to do it on my own terms. 

Freedom to do what I wanted with my life was what I wanted more than money. This is still the case, fortunately, by grace, I don't have to choose now. 

You know how it is... you see people living the lives you dream about...

... no asking for vacation, no worrying about the stresses of making rent and car payments.I wanted to call my own shots. 

That’s all I wanted, you know... I wanted the ability to make as much money as I wanted to how I wanted to.I wanted to be my own man, my own boss. 

I didn't want some pencil pusher telling me how much money I'm worth and being so happy if they give me $40k a year. 

I am a very driven person and I knew I could make money without a Masters degree, so I started selling cars.

The money was okay, but that wasn't enough for me. I needed freedom and a legacy. 

I hated having to work 70+ hours a week to make the kind of money I wanted to. I had to find a better way. I turned to the internet. 

I don't think that is just by chance.

I began to start low cost/ low overhead businesses and marketing online.  I have spent my days researching the unconventional thinkers who saw what they wanted and went for it. I duplicated their efforts because I wanted to duplicate their success. 

I now live the life I designed. I'm not 100% where I want to be, but each day I get closer to my end goals. 

I work how and when I want to all because I work from my computer & mobile devices. I am my own boss. I believe marketing online was the single best business decision I've made. I'm amazed at people who aren't capitalizing on this trend. Do you think more or less people will shop on line next year? Exactly :)

This isn't me bragging, because I'm certainly not a big deal. This is just a small part of my story. You to can have the life you want. 

You can work WHEN you want, WHERE you want, in the way that YOU want. It's possible. I'm proof.

To see what I'm working on now, click the work with Meek link. I'll show you how to do exactly what I'm doing.  We can enjoy our freedom together.

Your friend,


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