Think you're pretty tough?

Think you're pretty tough? 

Try starting and running your own business.... AND actually living off of the proceeds. Then, make it past two years. After that, three, then ten....

 We'll see how tough you are then. 

Imagine doing what you do for a living now, for yourself, with your own money.

Facts are facts. Most won't make it their first year, they'll run back home to mommy or a cubicle. Whichever comes first.         

Don't read me wrong, this won't be a bashing blog.  I'm not talking down to anyone, I'm talking up the real deal soldiers. Soldiers you say Meek? Yes SOLDIERS, because business is a fight! The fight of your life! 

Business owners build their dreams and provide opportunity to others. Keep in mind, all of this is in addition to overcoming the same struggles everyone else has also, tis life.  

Business owners tend to wear many hats, this week our hats are off to you. The economy tries to crush you and depend on you at the same time. You don't get enough credit. You don't have business hours, you have  business. You're the backbone of this country. You dream, you struggle, work, and eventually you get the victory. 

I hope this inspires you to look at small business guys and gals as the warriors they are. Salute to all the owners and owners to be on this National Small Business Week and every other week! 

The best has yet to come! 

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