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Do you REALLY believe?

Forgive me.
This blog may be a bit offensive and slightly insensitive. If you decide to be offended please read the ENTIRE blog before you fully decide to do so. 

If it doesn't apply, let it fly. 

In life I've found that everything really does happen for a reason. There are no good experiences and no bad experiences, just learning experiences. It's been said "You win or you learn" but I believe you learn from all of them. Success and failure can both be great teachers.  There have been times when I had my world turned upside down, when friends and family betrayed me, when I made HUGE mistakes, when ends weren't meeting, when my health failed, when drama surrounded me, when I felt like I couldn't breathe, when I felt like I couldn't think ... but as I look back on those experiences, I realize they were all necessary for me to become who and what I am today. 

You may think that sounds like a lot, and it certainly was.... but by grace, we have overcome these …


It's been said "You're either going into a storm, in the middle of a storm, or coming out of a storm."

I politely disagree as I wouldn't want that process thought or spoken over my life, but I think storms are a normal part of life. We're all going to face temporary defeat at some time or another. This is especially true if we try to do something big!

You may find yourself in a situation that you never expected you would be in, and you’re stressed out of your mind. 

You may feel your whole world is crashing in on you and that you've lost everything. You’ may just be plain tired. Don’t panic, and don’t quit! You’re still here!

You may have been in this place before where you've wondered "how can I get through this?" Remember what happened next! You made it through!

You couldn't see it, but somehow you've made it, and you will again. Stop. Take a deep breath!

 Calm and encourage yourself.

 Keep in mind who you had to be and what you had to …

Two reasons most will not have the life they REALLY want

'll never understand how Americans can settle with just "getting by."  II'm so glad you and I aren't like that. 

As crazy as things are in this country... this is still the land of opportunity.

You can "make it" if you're willing to work hard, a lot of folk just simply won't work hard or take risks...or work hard at the right things..

Then again, maybe it's not for me to understand..

Most people will not be where they want to be in life for two reasons lack of willpower and being scared of taking risks. 
Failure is a part of the equation to success, but regret isn't. Regret is worse than failure. You'll NEVER know what may have been unless you do it! 
You have to have the willpower to work long enough and hard enough to see your risk turn into your reward 
Take a risk and become alive again. Get your heart pumping. Work hard at things that make you happy! 
Get out of the mundane routine. 
Make your life the way you want it! 
You have what it ta…