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Do you REALLY believe?

Forgive me.

This blog may be a bit offensive and slightly insensitive. If you decide to be offended please read the ENTIRE blog before you fully decide to do so. 

If it doesn't apply, let it fly. 

In life I've found that everything really does happen for a reason. There are no good experiences and no bad experiences, just learning experiences. It's been said "You win or you learn" but I believe you learn from all of them. Success and failure can both be great teachers.  
There have been times when I had my world turned upside down, when friends and family betrayed me, when I made HUGE mistakes, when ends weren't meeting, when my health failed, when drama surrounded me, when I felt like I couldn't breathe, when I felt like I couldn't think ... but as I look back on those experiences, I realize they were all necessary for me to become who and what I am today. 

You may think that sounds like a lot, and it certainly was.... but by grace, we have overcome these challenges. Notice the two key words in that sentence: 

Grace and we

I wasn't alone and neither are you. I had and still have God with me. When there was nobody or no where to turn, I turned to God. As his word says, when I drew near to him he drew near to me.Those experiences allowed me to be blessed with incredible testimonies. They've shown me how to become a better person. They've helped me to grow stronger so I could encourage others with similar challenges. Most importantly, they helped me grow my faith. My faith is and has always been my greatest weapon.  Even with limited spiritual knowledge, I stood on God's promises. I took God at his word and believed he wouldn't leave me and he hasn't! I understood that I wouldn't know why or how everything was going to happen, but I knew and know I will thrive! God is no respecter of persons, what he's done for others..he can do for you. 

This brings me to my point. As believers, we understand God gave us many gifts and promises, but do we REALLY believe it?  

Do we REALLY believe it? 

Everyone has a battle to fight, this I am certain. We aren't so different in this respect. Here's the thing, and I'm not judging, but shouldn't we be winning or know victory is on the way? I'm not saying you shouldn't get mad or sad, we all have our moments, but shouldn't we get back to business as usual? Especially knowing that victory is upon us? As believers, we aren't called to play small, be timid, or sissies scared of everything! 

Do we REALLY believe?

Do we believe enough to stand on the very things we claim to believe? Read that again. 

Do you really believe there's a God in control? Do you really believe God will never leave you? Do you really believe he has plans to prosper you and not harm you? Do you believe that we have the ability to create wealth? Do you believe he is with us? Do you believe everything works together for your good? 
Do you believe he will supply your needs? Do you believe no weapon formed against you will prosper?

Or is it just something that we all recite to show our "religion?" 

Is all this a ritual and or show? Or something we hold in our hearts with high esteem?

How can one be a believer if one doesn't believe? It's one thing to say what you believe in church, or to recite scripture, but its a whole different thing to stand on God's promises and speak to your challenges with the authority God gave us! I recognize we're all in different places in our walk and life, but should we respond like "the world?" I think you know the answer. Jesus wasn't a punk, and if you have the spirit, you aren't either! We know better, so we should do better. 

 As believers we know God and us, together, create a majority. 

So if you find yourself in what feels like a dark place, remember one thing... there is a plan for your life and things will get better if you believe and work. Pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on you! 

In conclusion, you can rest on these two things. 1)His grace is sufficient for us 2) God is with you...



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