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Finish it!

Knowing how to do something and actually doing it are two entirely separate subjects. Just as starting a venture is one thing but following through is a whole different animal. 
Want to separate yourself from the pack? Finish! 
Simply put, A lot of people start a lot of stuff, but a lot of people never finish! They don't complete.   If there was a graveyard for great ideas it would most certainly be full to capacity. I know this sounds simple, but becoming a finisher will separate you from the rest. Being able to stand firm in your convictions will make you stand out. There's an old saying that goes "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Good intentions are awesome and everything, but you have to actually execute them to benefit. The person who thought well but never did anything rarely goes down in history. Nobody cares about the guy with the good idea, we care about the guy who manifested it! We've all heard the age old adage "Knowledge is…

Lights, camera, ACTION!

We're in a hilariously interesting time of vanity, self service, self promotion, and even social media stardom. Social media has given everyone a chance at a faux and sometimes very real "spotlight." It's given everyone with an internet connection a platform and voice. As a fan of social media and it's reach, I'm not mad at it at all...but I do want to discuss some things. If you own the account you can post whatever you like, I'm no censor....but I do have some questions.
My question is, in the middle of the "Hey look at me?!?" and "Here's what I'm about to do!" posts, who are you trying to convince? I know everyone has become their own publicist....but is it for you or for us? 
Here's the reality. As vain as we are, most of us like the spotlight...if even just a little.  I've even seen the "Most moves less announcements posts...and then what do you see under it? A fucking announcement! lol Because Merica. Some peop…

My take on the Creflo Dollar situation

Everybody and their mama is ready to go at Creflo Dollar's throat right now. I can't pretend I wasn't a little surprised to hear of his request either. I've reserved my thoughts with hopes of getting more understanding... but here they are. 
I've never been the guy who's worried about someone else's blessings or against any anyone's prosperity anywhere. From my view, the more the merrier. If God is out here blessing folks around me or not, I'm just glad he's in someone's neighborhood and is able. I'm not the "prosperity gospel is evil" guy either because I believe applying the gospel will ultimately lead to prosperity... but more importantly salvation. I'm definitely not the guy who thinks pastors, preachers, priests or the like should be financially strapped. Poverty is a curse. Let's be real, to do God's work or any work for that matter we all need resources.... and who am I to judge? In fact, lots of pastors have …

My thoughts on the Dame Dash Interview

Yesterday Dame Dash stopped by The Breakfast Club morning show and gave a very...interesting interview. Some have asked my opinion on things he said, so I'm writing them via this medium. 
First, I'm glad this interview is creating so much buzz! The world needs more straight up talk about entrepreneurship and the mindset it requires...and I'm for anything that starts the conversation. Now if you are a "boss" or aspire to be one you should have some of the same feelings and convictions he expressed. I do believe in putting your own money up. I do believe in fighting for things YOU own. I do believe in investing in yourself. I do believe in having supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities. I do believe you should do your own thing and constantly grow.I do believe in freedom and autonomy...but I also believe in choice. If you read my blog regularly or know me personally, you know my stance on business. I think everyone who wants to be in business,…