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My thoughts on the Dame Dash Interview

Yesterday Dame Dash stopped by The Breakfast Club morning show and gave a very...interesting interview. Some have asked my opinion on things he said, so I'm writing them via this medium. 

First, I'm glad this interview is creating so much buzz! The world needs more straight up talk about entrepreneurship and the mindset it requires...and I'm for anything that starts the conversation. Now if you are a "boss" or aspire to be one you should have some of the same feelings and convictions he expressed. I do believe in putting your own money up. I do believe in fighting for things YOU own. I do believe in investing in yourself. I do believe in having supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities. I do believe you should do your own thing and constantly grow.I do believe in freedom and autonomy...but I also believe in choice. If you read my blog regularly or know me personally, you know my stance on business. I think everyone who wants to be in business, should....this is America....but I won't go as far as saying you're not a man if you don't. I think everyone who wants to be in business should, but let's be honest most don't have the stomach for it. Everyone can have a business, but business isn't for everybody.  The emotional control and intestinal fortitude just aren't there for some folk. They want to results, but don't want the work. Let's face it, some people need structure and,to be frank, are comfortable and only want to get by. This isn't always a bad thing. We need people like that, if everyone was a boss who's gonna wash your car? So will I say you're not a man if you're not a boss? Never... however, I will say you're not a man if you aren't making a valiant effort to provide for yourself and yours, business owner or not. You're less than a man if your situation is bad and you aren't willing to do anything about it.   

 Do I agree with everything he said? No, most of it? Yes. Do I expect you to agree with everything he said? No way!  If you've never built a business or businesses your perspective will be drastically different. In an era where "grind" is a cute word people use for going to a cubicle, clocking in, or posting memes on Instagram I don't expect everyone to relate to him. Yes, Dame is very confident and domineering, but have you considered these may be some of the traits that have helped him become successful?

  If you're going to build a successful business you have to be in love with the hustle!  Clearly, he is. Let's not pretend he doesn't know what he's talking about. Personally, I think a lot of what he said and his tone was to encourage thought.  A call of action of sorts. I know he may have struck a couple of nerves with some, but if you'll listen to his actual message I believe you'll find logic in most of it. If you watch the interview all the way through you'll see he presented a problem but then offered a solution....especially within Black culture.  I encourage you to listen to parts 1 & 2 on youtube in their entirety. I've embedded them below for your convenienceHe concluded with talks about working together. He encouraged business. He encouraged collaboration. Let's do our own thing. Let's put our "money on the street" so to speak. Lets put our money where our mouth is. The world needs more of this. 


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