The Grind

If you're not living the life you want, work harder

Seems simple enough, right? 

But so many of us aren't going for it.

So many of us aren't grinding it out!

We do just enough to get by. 

Just enough to make our ends meet...

We say we're grinding...but we leave early...

We say we're grinding but we show up late...

We say we're grinding but can't be consistent...

We say we're grinding but we can't stay on task...

We say we're grinding but aren't putting out our best work....

If this is the case, are we REALLY grinding?

We're on cruise control. We're going through the motions of what we think are supposed to be our lives. We have a much greater control over events than we give ourselves credit for. We go to work for our 9-5s, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, or surf on social media until we pass out. We can do better!

We're wasting hours that we could have used to earn whatever it is we want from our lives. Time to stop that, once and for all....and GRIND!

"Grind" may be the most cliche overused word in 2015, but not for you. You don't mind doing the work. Remember, you can't cheat the grind! Put your time and energy into work that will get you the results you seek!

"The Grind" is more than something cool to'll get you everything you need...and even some things you want!

All the best!


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