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Commitment issues?

This isn't my normal subject matter, but I'm going to go in for a second nonetheless. I recently shared an article written by The Root entitled  " Black Women Should Be Like Ayesha Curry? How Many Black Men Are Willing to Be Like Steph?" Well,  I see what they did there.... Needless to say, the responses have been.....interesting. Here's mine! In fact, I think the article is.....interesting.  In my opinion, rather than taking what she actually said and comprehending it, many were offended and overreacted. Historically, a hit dog will holler but that's a whole blog in itself. When women got offended, some of the fellas saw that as perfect opportunity to let the "be like Ayesha Curry" posts flourish all over social media in every outlet. In media fashion, this site takes a further divisive position and basically plays it like black guys who are successful don't want to commit one black woman. There are a couple of challenge