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It's funny when you post something about working hard or making some money on social media and a couple of random trolls will say things like "life's about more than making money", or "spending time with family and creating memories is what life is really all about"..."money is the root of all evil".....or my all time favorite "You know its harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle!" Funny thing is they're usually the first ones asking to hold a little something!  Let's get right to it. We have to change our perspectives about work and money. I think it's foolish to act like we don't need it one second and have to scrape it up the next. It doesn't make sense to condemn money and work as evil when you need it pay your bills. Let's not pretend a few extra zeros in your bank account right now could solve a couple of problems for you. Our relationship with these two concepts

I Quit!

I QUIT!  I QUIT!  I QUIT!  I QUIT!  I QUIT!  I QUIT!  I QUIT!  I QUIT!  You ever want to scream that at the top of your lungs? I do.  I have.  Not every day, but maybe every other.  I probably will again too.  I remember someone asking me if I ever wanted to quit...I replied. "Every damn day!" and they were so surprised!  I asked them why, and they said "Because you ALWAYS keep going!"  We laughed as I said "But that doesn't have anything to do with WANTING to quit!"  The person asked "Well why don't you?" they've asked the right question!  I can't quit simply because I can't let myself down. I've paid too much of a price to let myself do that to me. I think everybody has wanted to quit at some or many points in their careers and undertakings.  Thing is, the achievement life is hard. You'll want to quit...probably all the time..... but in those times you hav