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I Quit!



You ever want to scream that at the top of your lungs?

I do. 

I have. 

Not every day, but maybe every other.

 I probably will again too. 

I remember someone asking me if I ever wanted to quit...I replied. "Every damn day!" and they were so surprised! 

I asked them why, and they said "Because you ALWAYS keep going!" 

We laughed as I said "But that doesn't have anything to do with WANTING to quit!" 

The person asked "Well why don't you?" they've asked the right question! 

I can't quit simply because I can't let myself down. I've paid too much of a price to let myself do that to me. I think everybody has wanted to quit at some or many points in their careers and undertakings. Thing is, the achievement life is hard. You'll want to quit...probably all the time..... but in those times you have to remember why you started and what you really want most. If you're going to quit anything, quit the negative. Quit the bad self talk. Quit the gossip. Quit the mundane. Quit the routine. Quit the toxic people...but NEVER EVER quit the dream! 

My business life hasn't been a "crystal stair." I've been through many highs and MANY lows. 

Things got tough and I wanted to quit. Then I remembered my dad telling me that I wasn't good enough to play college football, so I pushed a little harder and kept going. I got a conference championship ring as a freshman, made the travel team every game, and even ended up with a starting role in a crucial position as a long snapper and I was severely undersized. 

They got tough again and I wanted to quit. Then I remembered my friends making fun of me for working and studying instead of hanging out with them...... so I pushed a little harder and kept going. Even with playing sports, I graduated a year early WITH HONORS & bought my first house at 21. 

I was running out of money so I wanted to quit. Then I thought about all the sleepless nights I was having and how my financial stress was making me so unhappy so I pushed a little harder and kept going thinking "If I can only get through this, everything will be all right...for everyone!" This year marks the 10th year my mother has been retired. 

More challenges and hurdles kept coming. It felt as if I was never going to break through so I wanted to quit. Then I remembered that all hard work brings a profit.... so I pushed a little harder and kept going. I had to. God would not forget my work. His word says so. 

Months went by. My debt was pilling up.  I lost most of what I've accrued. I exhausted my savings and credit.  I had nothing in the bank and even less in my pocket. I went from scared to sad to fucking pissed off. Nothing was working, nothing was coming together. I was doing everything within my power to win and I just couldn't seem to get over the hump! 


But I couldn't. I couldn't quit. I put in too much work. I've put in too much blood, sweat, and tears. Way too much sweat equity. Way too many long nights and early mornings. Way too much delayed gratification. I put in WAYYYY to much to leave my profits in "the game" I pushed a little harder and kept going.

I took a breath...paused...then got back to work. I decided, nothing is going to get in the way of my success. No challenge, hurdle, or pain can cause me to stop going for what I want. I have something to prove to myself and my "WHY" is just entirely too strong. After all, every time I kept pushing there was a victory on the other side of my pain! 

In my mind, I can always get back up once more. 

I can get up one more time. I can work hard one more day. I can do one more deal. I can win one more time...and every time I do....I win eventually. It's not over until I win. I owe God. I owe my ancestors. I owe all who have sowed into me. I owe the grind. I owe success....and most of all I owe ME!

So I push a little harder...and keep going! 


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