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If I listened...

If I listened to my mom, She'd still be working 70 hours a week at Hardee's... if I listened to my friends I'd be stuck in a cubicle.... if I listened to my wallet I woulda quit a long time ago!  So glad I trusted my gut! 


Here we are...another Monday.  The start of another week. Another day we have to get up early, get dressed up, and go fight traffic all to go somewhere you don't want to be, to do some work for someone that you don't want to do it for get a check to buy food and eat and you can have strength to go do it again... Is that about right?   Is this your attitude about Monday?  If so, this is an indication that you're doing shit you don't want to do..and or you don't feel like it's going to get where you want to be.  Let's get real!  You don't dread the start of a new week. You dread the torture of going through the motions. You dread the mental and physical exhaustion of running on the treadmill of the mundane. You dread the deadly cycle of the same ole same ole. It's not Monday you dread, its your job!   Good news, you can change it....and it's all in your head!  You can change this feelin