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“I would love to build a business but I don’t have the time”

It’s crazy to me when people say “I would love to build a business but I don’t have the time”
we both know it’s an excuse...

and if you don’t own your time...

that should be the exact reason why you build..
to buy your time back!
What you don’t have time for is trading your 40-50 hours a week for a paycheck that isn’t giving you the life you want doing shit you hate!

Hop in the drivers seat!

Stop playing Russian Roulette with your financial future.
I'm sure you can finish this sentence "Don't put all your eggs________
in one basket!...
of course you have...
and look...
you have all your eggs in one basket...
and you aren't even holding the basket!
If you have one source of income and you don't control it you're setting yourself up to be leveraged in the worst kinda way!
Stop grinding for little money, when you could work less for massive money. The answer's simple: Instead of riding along, drive. Instead of following, lead. Instead of consuming, create. Instead of building their brand, build yours.
Hop in the drivers seat of your future!

Never take advice from a quitter

Never take advice from a quitter . There may be people you love and respect because of familiarity, the role they have played in your life , or perceived accomplishment. . This doesn’t mean you should take advice from them in EVERY area of your life. . Especially if they have failed in the venture you are pursuing. . Be careful who you listen to.
It could be costly.