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Flaky people make my ass itch!

Flaky people.

Few things get under my skin more than unreliable people.

You know, those who don't follow through on what they've promised.

Or don't show up for a call or a meeting at a time you've scheduled.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been stood up.

So how do you deal with such a person?

The best way is...

You DON'T!
Fuck those people! 
Hey I understand something can come up. People get busy. Emergencies happen.

And long ago I used to have a "3 strike rule" about it.

Three strikes, and you're OUT.

But I realized in the world of business, where your word is your bond, there's simply no room for people like this.

So it's become "one strike and you're out" for me.

It's just too damn much mental energy dealing with people who don't do what they say they're going to do.

Sadly, our world is FULL of them.

And if you want to build a kick-butt team of entrepreneurs, and do it with the least amount agony and fru…

Rock bottom...

I don't know if you've ever been low I've been low.. I've been pretty damn low.. Rock bottom even.. I don't know if you've ever hit rock bottom. In your business... Or in your life... But I've been there.  I get it. Sometimes I've hit rock bottom & it's been my fault. Sometimes I've been there through no fault of my own.

Either way, I can tell you this:   it might not sound like it makes sense, but it's true... There's something really, really good about hitting rock bottom!  Good for your business.  Good for YOU. It is there you find out what you are made of It's there you find out how strong you really are It's there that you realize the shit that was meant to kill you....couldn't What you made it through might have took someone else out but not you... It's at rock bottom that you find out... you have what it takes... It's when you face rock bottom square in the eye that you realize... that rock bottom aint got shit on YOU  and  NOTHING…

12, 14, even 16 hour days

12, 14, even 16 hour days are quite common in the world
Have you been there too?
It's even worse when you're working for a piddly paycheck
Trading time for money isn't ideal, but it pays the bills... at least some of them
Or you may make a lot of money....but are bored to tears.
Either way, you don't have control of your time...
That's what I value most as you can get more money...
however, you can't get more free time.
What if there was a way to have both the time AND the money? 
let me show you how... 

I'm in control.
I work when I want.
Also, thanks to that, I'm now relaxing and discovering. more of one of my favorite things to do...and eat lol

Lets talk, let me help you, I need to find out more about  you to see if I can help.

Let's Talk.

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