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When I was over 100k in delinquent debt

When I was over 100k in delinquent debt on the brink of losing everything I had to look myself in the mirror and take inventory. After making what I considered a tremendous amount of money at the time, now I sit here and realized I exhausted my savings, investments, credit, and almost ALL resources. I was blaming everything. The economy, bad partners, bad employees, stock market, location, bad name it...I blamed it. But again, I had to take inventory How did I get here? Was it the economy? or was it me? Was it time to close businesses? Sell businesses? Sell assets? Was I successful as I thought I was? After careful consideration... I came to the conclusion I did work hard... I did do some things right.... but here I was... because I made some bad decisions and didn't hustle hard enough. Success made me soft. I stopped doing what I did to get there and coasted a bit. I did not prepare myself. I did not insulate myself. The economy WAS bad, but I still should have had better…

I can spend my money better than them

The last day of every year, I spend money for my business
Because I can spend my money better than the government
If there is anything I will need in the coming year, I would rather buy it now in 2018 so I can write off the expense in my 2018 tax return, rather than spending that money a week from now and delaying the write off an entire year into 2020 when filing my 2019 return. I can spend my money better than the I'd rather spend it than giving it to them.
What Do you need that you can write off?