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Whats your end game?

Whats your end game? 

Are you, right now, where you thought you'd always be in life?

Are you close to it? 

You can’t change the past. 

Think of all the hours at all your jobs. And that’s put you where you are today. Were you working on building a business of your own with residual income, a business you can sell or pass down, or were you trading your time for a paycheck? 

Was it worth it?

Are you getting what you set out for?

It’s important that we all stop and think. Are we doing something that aligns with our end game. The sad thing is that most people don’t even have an end game because they never sat down to think about and design their perfect life and how they’ll get there. Most people spend more time planning vacations than they do planning their futures!

People say we should all dream again. Sure, dreams are good to have. But most people just become dreamers. The graveyards are full of dreams that were never lived, because they never created a plan....or if they did tried to execute said plan. By the way, just working more at the same job that hasn’t gotten you anywhere isn’t the answer either..... Right? 
You need a new plan. 
Ask the right questions. 
What can I do on the side to build something that will create the results so that my end game truly has a happy ending?
You need to give yourself a shot at what you REALLY want! 
Again, don’t get mad at yourself for the time you’ve spent that you can’t get back. Just vow to yourself that going forward you’ll be smarter and do better. You’ll sacrifice for the greater good of delaying gratification and building your empire. It is built one brick at a time. After a while, it still won’t seem like you’ve built anything. But remember, just because you can't see it yet doesn’t mean it’s not being built. Have Vision. If you have a plan, just keep working the plan. 
Moral of the story: decide on what you want, then create a real plan to get there, which is likely different than what you’ve been doing with your life so far. 
And work on it...


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