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I care about you and want you to be protected

 I care about you and want you to be protected

I will not mince my words here. We live in unprecedented times. I take the mission of equal justice under law VERY seriously. Quite honestly, we all know I own and operate but I do not do build this business for money. 
While I do like the residual income it provides, I already have enough to take care of my bills. I don't say that to impress you, I say that to impress upon you that I'm more mission driven than commission driven. 
I take this very seriously and hope you do as well.
When I was in my early 20s, I had a black Cadillac...vogue rag pin FACTORY wheels...wooo that thing was clean. 
I'm from the Eastend of Richmond. I always wanted a Cadillac. I've owned about 10...However I got pulled over and profiled once a week. It got so bad I ended up considering selling my car. I could not keep what I earned and deserved because cops decided to pull me over all the time because I magically fit the description. The final act that caused me to sell was I got pulled over and harassed by 3 cars in the DAY time. I got to go home that night...but it was an extremely difficult situation I don't want anyone to go through. I felt powerless. I felt abused. I felt helpless. 
More recently, my girlfriend's son who is in South Carolina recently had a similar incident. Luckily he had our smart phone app on his phone. As he began getting questioned the officer requested he get get out the car, her son mentioned he wanted to call his attorney. The cop said"Why you calling your attorney? they're gonna tell you to get out of the car anyway!" Needless to say that is NOT what the attorney said. After Merritt Webb got on the phone, miraculously her son was told to have a nice day...

Why am I saying all this?

1)because the business may not be for you right now..and thats okay...but I want you and your family to have this app on your phone. The red button at the bottom labeled "Emergency Legal access" will have you on the phone with an attorney in a matter of minutes 24/7 365 no matter where you are in the country

  2) You may have seen the opportunity but not fully understand all the membership does
To remedy this, I've enclosed 2 links below to help. One to go over the memberships again if you need a refresher on what we do, and our Corona Virus Resource Center which is updated daily by our lawfirms to help us all navigate this crisis with answers to our most commonly asked questions. The resource center is updated regularly, so feel free to save the link.
If you have questions, call me or text me

Chris 8044003092


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