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Racism and Police Brutality

I know a lot of people have racism and police brutality on their minds now more than ever. Some are complaining about it and some are  actively thinking about how to fight it. Maybe you are as well. I hope you are. All it takes for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.. Have you considered how to make the Black community more powerful, so we can have a stronger voice in society? Have you thought of getting into financial shape, so you have a business or generational wealth to pass on to your children? What about the Black dollar? Have you thought about ways to keep the TRILLIONS of dollars we spend every year circulating within the Black community? These are the questions I’ve been thinking about for years and here’s how I’m putting in the work to make big things happen for our communities... I teach people how to create the kind of economy that has real power in America. Because the truth is… The only color they REALLY care about is GREEN  Money can give you access, power, an

I may care too much...

I may care too much... To be honest, its's okay..  I want EVERY person in America to have this app on their phone...and I don't apologize about that  With all that's going on our services are needed more now that ever Let's face it... Most people treat you different when you have power and access. It's human nature. The 24/7 access to an attorney in this app was created specifically for the types of things were seeing today. The access was a response to a police brutality case in the late 90s. I believe if people actually had the ability to get an attorney on the phone during a police encounter, it could change the outcome. It could have saved some of their lives. How many lives could have been saved had they known about the service? Would it have saved them all? I don't know...could it have saved some? I'm sure. Let's keep people out of cuffs. Let's keep tempers from flaring...Let's keep our fellow Americans ALIVE! We can't afford to wait un

I've never done this before...

Soooo Some of you guys have requested to be in my private business group and I declined you. Until today, I’ve kept it private for my team and prospective partners Even if you put rules up, some people always challenge it...and I didn't want my message watered down.. But...with all that's going on Today I’m opening it up to EVERYONE To celebrate I’ve dropped a course on how to market on Instagram If you want in, link is here  👇🏽 Join my Private Facebook Group HERE