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I may care too much...

I may care too much...

To be honest, its's okay.. 

I want EVERY person in America to have this app on their phone...and I don't apologize about that 

With all that's going on our services are needed more now that ever

Let's face it...

Most people treat you different when you have power and access. It's human nature. The 24/7 access to an attorney in this app was created specifically for the types of things were seeing today. The access was a response to a police brutality case in the late 90s. I believe if people actually had the ability to get an attorney on the phone during a police encounter, it could change the outcome. It could have saved some of their lives.

How many lives could have been saved had they known about the service?

Would it have saved them all? I don't know...could it have saved some? I'm sure.

Let's keep people out of cuffs. Let's keep tempers from flaring...Let's keep our fellow Americans ALIVE!

We can't afford to wait until laws are passed or simply pray that the officers they may face are ethical. We MUST give them tools of survival right now.

If you're already a member, congratulations on taking the first step... please make sure you have this app on your phone and logged in just in case you need it.

If you're not yet a member, go here to get protected's super important that we're proactive and protective over our families in this season

Questions? call/text me


p.s: Yes, I'm a paid affiliate..however this is bigger than a few dollars. If you're worried about that, email me and I'll send you someone else's link...but GET THIS SERVICE. It's that important


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