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Racism and Police Brutality

I know a lot of people have racism and police
brutality on their minds now more than ever. Some are complaining about it and some are actively thinking about how to fight it. Maybe you are as
well. I hope you are. All it takes for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing..

Have you considered how to make the Black community
more powerful, so we can have a stronger voice in society?

Have you thought of getting into financial shape, so you
have a business or generational wealth to pass on to your children?

What about the Black dollar? Have you thought about ways
to keep the TRILLIONS of dollars we spend every year circulating within
the Black community?

These are the questions I’ve been thinking about for years and
here’s how I’m putting in the work to make big things happen
for our communities...

I teach people how to create the kind of economy that has real
power in America.

Because the truth is…

The only color they REALLY care about is GREEN 

Money can give you access, power, and connections to make REAL lasting change

When you create wealth for yourself, you can open doors
for others in your community to prosper.

So, whatever your lane is…

Use it to empower your family and bring prosperity to
our community. 

As you've heard me say 1000 times...finances and business weren't the answer the government wouldn't blow up the Black financial centers everytime we build them


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Have you reviewed your decade yet?
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